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Syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles

With the diagnosis of "The syndrome of early repolarizationventricles "should completely examine the heart: to do ultrasound (ultrasound) and Holter monitoring during the day, to exclude the asymptomatic development of tachycardia. And, of course, come to an arrhythmologist or cardiologist, taking with him that electrocardiogram, which clearly shows the observed deviations. It is possible that such a change is associated with age-related hormonal changes in the body.

For a long time, the syndrome of early repolarizationventricular (CVR) was considered a variant of the norm, in which treatment is not required. But today it is increasingly detected in young people, as well as in athletes. It leads such a completely non-harmless syndrome of early repolarization to the appearance of certain types of arrhythmia, connective tissue dysplasia, etc.

If a person is identified during theelectrocardiograms this syndrome, doctors advise to undergo the following types of additional examination: echocardiography of rest, transesophageal ECG, stress echocardiography (if required by indications), Holter monitoring of electrocardiograms, electrophysiological examination or transesophageal electrical stimulation of the heart, etc. With the results of these examinations, one must go to the cardiologist. Only he can tell if there are any pathologies from the side of the heart. If the diagnosis is not confirmed, then there is no cause for concern, and no treatment is required. The syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles can sometimes be a consequence of embryonic cardiac failure. In this case, only the supervision of a specialist is needed. In order not to provoke a tachycardia attack with such a violation in the heart, you should give up alcohol and avoid strong physical activity.

The syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles is being treatedinvasive method of radiofrequency ablation of an additional beam. In this very effective (90% or more) method of examination, a catheter is conducted to the site of this bundle and destroys it. Premature (early) repolarization of the ventricles can lead to the development of a coronary acute syndrome. Therefore, it is so important to find out in time the cause of this disruption of the heart and its valves. After all, coronary syndrome in its acute form can lead to sudden death.

Not for nothing recently the health of athletesis under close scrutiny and attention, both on the part of doctors and the press. After all, this syndrome of young people can suddenly reveal a syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles. Therefore, athletes in the early morning and late evening, and even at night, began to do an electrocardiogram to detect early violations of the rhythm of the heart valves and conductivity. Such violations even led to changes in the schedules of the training process.

So, we found out that the syndrome of earlyrepolarization is a phenomenon of electrocardiography, which indicates characteristic transformations of the graphic recording of cardiac activity on the ECG. Such a syndrome is referred to a relatively rare version of a normal electrocardiogram, which, nevertheless, can affect the occurrence of malignant arrhythmias: bradycardia and tachycardia of sinus, arrhythmia of atrial fibrillation, extrasystoles, heart blockages, paroxysmal tachycardia, etc., as well as coronary heart disease. The presence of the syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles increases the risk of death from cardiac causes by twenty-eight percent. Usually, this is associated with the occurrence of serious violations of heart rhythms (ventricular) - tachyarrhythmia, early and polytopic extrasystole, ventricular fibrillation, and the like.

In the absence of special treatment of arrhythmia, andmeans and violations of repolarization, conduction and rhythm of the heart, a fatal outcome may occur. Therefore, in the specific treatment of the syndrome, antiarrhythmic drugs are prescribed, for example, amiodarone, and also use electro-tropic therapy using organic phosphates, membrane protectors and magnesium preparations. All these methods of treatment normalize the activity of the ion transport system of the body.

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