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The medicine "Troxerutin". Instructions for use

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The medicine "Troxerutin" (tablets), whose pricestarts from 200 rubles, refers to venotonic, angioprotective agents, bioflavonoids. The drug reduces the fragility and permeability of capillaries, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, has anti-edematous effect, enhances microcirculation. The drug participates in the oxidation-reduction reaction, delays hyaluronic acid in the cell membranes. The drug helps to increase the density and reduce inflammation of the walls of blood vessels, reduce exudation of the liquid part of the plasma. For patients with venous insufficiency in chronic course, a remedy is prescribed for both late and early stages of pathology. Against the background of conditions accompanied by high vascular permeability (for allergies, measles, influenza, scarlet fever), the drug is recommended in combination with ascorbic acid to enhance the effect. When taken orally, there is a high absorption from the digestive tract. Metabolism occurs in the liver. Excretion is partially performed in an unchanged form with bile and urine.

The drug "Troxerutin" (tablets). Indications

The drug is recommended for venousdeficiency of chronic type, complicated by trophic disorders including (ulcers, dermatitis). Indications include varicose veins, periphlebitis, superficial thrombophlebitis. Drug "Troxerutin" instruction for use recommends for hemorrhoids, hematomas, postthrombotic syndrome, posttraumatic edema. Appoints a remedy for retinopathy, diabetic angiopathy.

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Dosing regimen

Drug "Troxerutin" instructions for userecommends taking inside while eating. As a rule, drink capsule three times a day, maintenance therapy - 1 capsule twice a day. Duration of admission, as a rule, is three to four weeks. Longer treatment is prescribed individually.

Means "Troxerutin". Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

On the basis of oral administration, it is possibleirritation of the mucosa of the digestive tract, there is a headache. The drug sometimes provokes allergic reactions (in patients may develop a rash on the skin, itching or irritation).

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The medicine "Troxerutin". Instructions for use. Contraindications

Do not prescribe a remedy for chronic gastritis, inage to fifteen years, peptic ulcer, during pregnancy. If you need to take a medication to a nursing patient, you should decide whether to stop lactation.

additional information

With renal failure, the drug is taken withcaution - you probably need a dosage adjustment. The medication has no effect on psychomotor functions, in connection with this, the appointment is allowed to patients of different professions. When observing therapeutic dosages, the agent is unlikely to be poisoned. When an overdose is prescribed therapy for symptoms. Before using the medication, you should visit a doctor.

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