/ / The drug "Indovazin" (ointment). Instructions for use

The drug "Indovazin" (ointment). Instructions for use

Medication "Indovazin" (ointment) belongs to the groupangioprotective agents. The drug is applied externally. Possesses anti-edematous, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The active ingredients are troxerutin and indomethacin. The second component has the ability to reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins, to remove puffiness and to reduce the time of tissue repair after damage. Indomethacin has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Due to the activity of troxerutin, capillary permeability decreases. This component has a beneficial effect on perennial tissues, accelerating their recovery against a background of venous insufficiency, improves microcirculation. The drug "Indovazin" (ointment) (instructions for use contains such information) is characterized by good absorbability. Components of the product, penetrating the subcutaneous tissue and perennial tissues, create the necessary therapeutic concentration.

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The medicine "Indovazin". Application

Ointment is prescribed for venous insufficiency inchronic course, varicosity, superficial injuries of the body. Indications include inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system, trophic lesions. Medication "Indovazin" (ointment) instruction for use recommends patients with acute and chronic polyarthritis, radiculitis, neuralgia. Prescribe treatment for psoriasis, complicated by joint damage. In combination with other drugs, the drug is recommended for hemorrhoid therapy. The drug effectively contributes to the restoration of the motor function of the limbs after prolonged immobilization. The drug is recommended to eliminate puffiness and bruise after surgery or trauma.

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No medication is prescribed during pregnancy,patients with ulcerative lesions in the acute course of the digestive tract, during lactation. It is not recommended to treat children under 14 years of age, patients with coagulation disorders. To contraindications to the appointment of treatment with the drug "Indovazin" (ointment), the instruction for use refers to the individual intolerance of components and other NSAIDs. Do not apply liniment to open wounds, you should also avoid getting the medicine into the eyes.

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Dosing regimen

Liniment is applied to the damaged areas by thinlayer. For processing, a column of 1-2 cm is sufficient. The preparation "Indovazin" (ointment) recommends the use of 2-3 r / d. Allowed easy rubbing into the surface of the skin.

Side effects, which causes the ointment "Indovazin"

Feedback from patients who received therapy,evidence of the effectiveness and speed of the tool. The drug is well tolerated if prescribed. Specialists note that side effects are rare. In some patients, allergic reactions (burning or irritation in the application area) may occur with increased sensitivity. In these cases, it is recommended to stop therapy and visit a doctor.

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