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Means "Troxevasin" (ointment)

In medicine, it has been quite a long time and very successful inTreatment of hemorrhoids (both external and internal) uses the ointment "Troxevasin". The use of this drug helps to reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries. The agent increases the tone of the venous network, prevents inflammation, increases resistance to swelling.

"Troxevasin." Instructions for use

ointment troxevasin application
Ointment improves trophism in tissues,decreases the intensity of pain, which is associated with a deficiency of veins. The drug showed its effectiveness in eliminating inflammatory processes in the nodes.

The agent "Troxevasin" (ointment) is produced onwater-soluble basis. From it there is an easy release of active components, which penetrate into the hemorrhoids. In them, the active substances are concentrated and act as anti-inflammatory agents.

The drug "Troxevasin" (ointment) can be prescribed to patients with advanced forms of hemorrhoids. Effective use of the drug in the postoperative period, after removal of nodes in an operative way.

Applying the drug "Troxevasin" (ointment) is necessaryafter carrying out of hygienic procedures. The product is rubbed effortlessly. Apply the drug in a thin layer. In some cases, the drug may be administered in combination with other drugs for internal use.

The medicine "Troxevasin" (ointment) is not allowed to be applied to damaged surfaces. After use, wash hands.

troxevasin instructions for use ointment
The effect of the drug is due to the properties of the active substance - troxerutin. This component has a powerful antioxidant effect. Troxerutin tones and strengthens the vascular walls.

The drug "Troxevasin" (ointment) is not usedonly in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The active properties of the active ingredient make it possible to prescribe a remedy for other pathologies associated with loss of vascular elasticity, a disorder of venous blood flow, or a predisposition to internal bleeding.

It must be said that the drug "Troxevasin"(ointment) is considered to be quite popular in a number of vascular pathologies. According to some experts, improvements are noted after several applications. It is established that the drug also allows to cope with some cosmetic defects.

troxevasin ointment

Thus it is necessary to remember and presence of by-effects at use of a medicine. So, in some cases, the drug can provoke irritation, fever.

Means "Troxevasin" (ointment) should not beapply to those with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. To avoid negative consequences, before using the medication, you need to carefully study the annotation. Do not forget that self-medication can lead to deterioration. In this regard, before using the drug "Troxevasin", as, indeed, other drugs, it is necessary to visit a doctor and undergo an appropriate examination.

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