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Tetracycline eye ointment. Instructions for use. Description, indications

Recently,tetracycline resistant strains of microorganisms. In this regard, the use of a number of drugs has become very limited. Among these medicines and tetracycline ointment (eye).

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Instructions for use. Indications

Despite the fact that the medication today is becomingall the less popular, it is still prescribed for the treatment of a number of ophthalmic diseases. In particular, the remedy is recommended for trachoma, conjunctivitis. A drug is prescribed for blepharitis. Effective tetracycline eye ointment with barley. The agent quickly relieves inflammation, slows the spread of infection. The drug is recommended not to be used more than five times a day. Liniment is laid behind the lower eyelid of the affected eye.


In what cases is tetracyclineointment eye? The instructions for use warn you that the remedy should not be used if you are sensitive to components and related medicines (for example, Doxycycline and others). The medicine is not prescribed for fungal pathologies of the skin. The drug has an age limit - children up to eight years of age are not recommended tetracycline eye ointment. Instructions for use do not allow the use of medicines during pregnancy. Caution during therapy should be observed for persons with leukopenia, kidney pathologies.

tetracycline eye ointment

Side effects

Tetracycline eye ointment (instructions forapplication testifies to this) can provoke allergic skin reactions. In particular, some patients have a skin rash, angioedema, and the like. Typically, these symptoms occur with hypersensitivity. The drug may increase the susceptibility to sunlight (photosensitivity). With prolonged use of the drug, the risk of secondary infection increases. In practice, cases of mucosal and skin candidiasis have been reported. If this disease occurs, antifungal agents are prescribed additionally.

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Tetracycline eye ointment. Reviews

Opinions about the preparation of both patients andspecialists are very contradictory. It should be said that the medication has been used in ophthalmology for a long time and has proved itself as an inexpensive and rather effective tool. Due to a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity, liniment can be prescribed for various infectious pathologies of the eyes.

However, as already mentioned above, in the lasttime there are strains of microorganisms resistant to the action of the drug. In this regard, his appointment becomes impractical. In addition, when choosing a treatment, specialists take into account the side effects that tetracycline eye ointment provokes. The instructions for use contain only basic information about the negative consequences that may occur during therapy. However, there is a possibility of complications not described in the annotation.

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