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Symptoms of syphilis

Syphilis is a venereal disease,the cause of which is pale treponema. Infection occurs chronically and without treatment leads to multiple lesions of organs and systems of the human body. Previously, this disease was incurable, but today there are medications that, with timely treatment, give a favorable result. How do they get syphilis?

There are many options for the transmission of syphilis. The most well-known method of transmission is sexual intercourse. The possibility of infection with syphilis in the domestic environment also exists, this is due to the fact that the infection can exist in an external moist environment for up to four days. Household syphilis is purchased through bedding, dishes, personal hygiene items. There is also a possibility of infection with syphilis through the blood, during its transfusion. There is a possibility of infection of the fetus from the mother, the so-called congenital syphilis.

It is impossible to get infected by a contact method, syphilis. The causative agent of syphilis instantly dies in the open air.

The incubation period of the disease lasts 3-4of the week. In this case, the infection penetrates into the tissues and spreads through the body, but the symptoms are not visible. Starting from the incubation period, the infected is contagious to others.

The danger of syphilis is manifested in the fact that it is difficult to notice, and from the moment of infection before it occurs, it takes 2-6 weeks.

The first signs of syphilis are manifested in the following. The appearance of a solid chancre, ulcers with dense margins. Appears at the site of the pathogen. Basically, on the genitals. When oral sex, chancre appears in the mouth, it can also appear on the hips, on the mammary glands, on the tonsils. Household syphilis often leads to the formation of chancre on the face.

Also, the symptoms of syphilis include: enlargement of lymph nodes in the area of ​​chancre on day 6-8. Infection penetrates into the nearest lymph nodes, then into the distant ones, where it multiplies. Lymph nodes increase, but remain painless. Inflammation of the lymph nodes appears after 5-7 days.

Primary symptoms of syphilis go through 6-7weeks, but the person does not recover. In the event that the sick do not know how the symptoms of syphilis manifest themselves, they believe that they have recovered, but in fact they continue to spread the infection.

After the ulcers heal beginsthe second stage of syphilis, which can last several years. Symptoms of syphilis, which are manifested in this case, a rash on the body. Rashes are accompanied by poor health. Lymph nodes increase throughout the body, and in the genital area there are extensive sprawl - warts. The listed symptoms of syphilis disappear, and again appear again, this process can last for several years. In case the patient for any reason does not apply for help, the symptoms will progress and syphilis will go to the last, third stage in a few years. From infection to the third stage of syphilis can take about 10 years. At this stage, patients with syphilis are dangerous as carriers of household syphilis.

The third stage of syphilis is accompanied by a lesionnervous system of the patient, the degradation of the brain begins, the decay of the personality. At the third stage, the patients are not contagious. Paralysis begins, deafness, the patient falls into depression, this is replaced by a creative upsurge. Formed gums, peculiar nodes under the skin, they expand, open, and form ulcers. There are syphilitic granulomas, they penetrate into bone tissue and provoke irreversible deformities of bones. For example, ulcers in the mouth lead to the destruction of the bones of the nose. Untreated syphilis eventually leads to a painful death in pain and insanity.

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