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How to enable and configure GPS on Android

Today almost every device is capable ofreplace the navigator. It's not about expensive models, where there are many different functions. Even in the most budget smartphone install GPS. Enable this function is simple enough, probably, even a novice user can cope with it. But, as practice shows, even with such seemingly elementary action problems can arise. Let's see how to enable GPS on the "Android"?

how to enable on android GPS

Turn GPS on

To turn on the navigation, you need togo to the menu and open the settings. In the new window, you need to find the "location" section and open it. How to enable GPS on Android? To do this, press the switch. Of course, in different versions will be different, but you will have to choose the mode of operation. What are they like?

  • High precision mode. If you select this option, the device will use the built-in sensor and wireless networks to determine the location.
  • Economy of charge. In this mode, the location will be determined only if there is an Internet connection. This way you can save battery power.
  • The latter mode allows you to determine the location of the built-in GPS-module. If you do not have the opportunity to use the Internet connection, then this is the only way to find the right place.
    how to enable GPS on android

How to enable GPS on Android 5.1 "? In the new version you can find the button for turning on the navigation in the" shutter. "To enter the GPS settings, you need to click on this button and hold it a bit.How to enable GPS on" Android 4.4 "and earlier versions? For this you should follow the above instructions.

Additional components

So, we looked at how to include on "Android"GPS. This is not the only problem that many users encounter. Another story is the navigation setting. Of course, it's a bit more complicated here, but if you follow the recommendations, then in a matter of minutes you can set up GPS.

Before setting it is necessary to install on yourdevice various applications. This does not mean that you need to install a bunch of different navigators, enough for one, but good. You can install a compass for better navigation. Remember that you only need to download applications that fit your version of the Android OS. The new device will only have a Google Maps application, but unfortunately, to use it, you need an Internet connection. Because of this many users do not like it, they are looking for an alternative. The most popular ones are "Naviter" (unfortunately, it is a paid, but quite convenient and high-quality application) and "Yandex Maps" (a free utility).

how to enable GPS on android 5.1

GPS Setup

If you switched to GPS setup, then younoticed problems. Although, perhaps you have not done this yet. To check the navigation on your device, you need to start it, how to turn GPS on "Android", we looked at. We start the navigator and compose the route. If this could not be done or the program incorrectly showed your location, then you should proceed to the settings.

  1. First, we recommend configuring a virtual COM port. For better settings, you must enter it manually. What is it for? So we connect the GPS and the device.
  2. You may need to clear the GPS cache, and thenits restoration. In this case, various utilities (for example, GPS Status) will help you. Unfortunately, some similar programs need an internet connection.
    how to enable GPS on android 4.4
  3. If you notice that the GPS is not working well in the room, then you should try to go out into the street. As a rule, electrical devices violate the signal, this leads to poor perception.
  4. In an open area you can try to twist your device in different directions. As practice shows, this helps.
  5. In order for the device to receive a signal more quickly, it is necessary to tick the "Wireless Networks" in the location settings.
  6. If nothing helps, you can try to change the NTP-server using a special program. As a rule, they do not require root-rights, which allows you to delve deeper into the settings on any device.
  7. Of course, before this, it is worth making sure that youenabled GPS. It should be noted that some navigators at the start of the program ask to include the built-in module. If you agree with him, he will transfer you to the desired section in the settings, where you will only have to tick.


That's all. Now you know how to turn on the "Android" GPS and configure it. In this there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to follow the rules.

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