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Two ways, as on "Android" install "ICQ"

Many will agree that the ICQ application, or, asit is also called "Aska", it is a relic of the past. And one might think that the application has been forgotten for a long time, and some will be surprised to learn that it still exists. However, there are people who still prefer all other applications to ICQ.

as on android install ICQ

In view of the fact that the most commonmobile operating system is "Android", in the article we will talk about how to install "Android" "ICQ". Those who have not used it for a long time will surprise her transformation. So, now we will tell not only about two ways of installing the application, but also about how to register in it.

Using the Play Store service

how to install ICQ on android

First of all, let's talk about the simplest method. We'll tell you how to install "ICQ" on "Android" with the help of "Play Market". Users of "Android" know this application well and can do everything on their own, but those who do not know, read the article further.

To get started, enter the "Play Store" itself. To do this, click the corresponding icon on the screen. Once in it, you will need to perform a search on all applications. As it is easy to guess, you need to click on the box at the top, where the inscription Google Play. Now enter the name "ICQ".

install ICQ

In the search results, ICQ will be the first, so feel free to click on the application icon. Go to it, you will see the "Install" button. You can boldly click on it.

as on android install ICQ

This was the first way, as on "Android"install "ICQ", but not the last. By the way, after the download and installation of the application you will be available the "Open" button. You can also start it with the appropriate icon on the screen.

Use the installation file

If for some reason you do not succeedDownload and install the application using the "Play Store", then do not rush to despair. Now we will tell you how to install "ICQ" on the "Android" using the APK-file.

This procedure is very easy and will be understoodeven the inexperienced user. The main thing that you need to do is download the installer yourself from reliable sources so that it is not infected. Do it best from the official site of the application.

as on android install ICQ

So, the installer of "ICQ" is on your smartphone, and youready to proceed. To install "ICQ", you initially need to use the file manager to find the folder where you downloaded the program. After you find it, run the file.

as on android install ICQ

At this stage, the smartphone will check if all of thethe order with the security of the file. If yes, click "Next" when finished. Now you can see the requested permissions of the application itself. If everything is ok, click "Install".

as on android install ICQ

The installation process will begin. After installation, you can independently authorize or prohibit its application to use the resources of the smartphone.

We pass registration

So, how to install "ICQ" on "Android", you alreadyyou know, but finally I want to tell you about the registration in the application. Of course, this is a trifle, but if you face this for the first time, there may be difficulties. So:

  1. Start ICQ.
  2. Enter your SIM card number and click "Continue".
  3. Wait for the code that will come to you on your smartphone.
  4. Enter the code and confirm it.

as on android install ICQ

That's all. Then you just need to specify your name and make a photo. In general, further all will be explained in detail in the application itself.

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