/ The Japanese diet. Reviews. Advantages and disadvantages

The Japanese diet. Reviews. Advantages and disadvantages

Many girls on the threshold of summer are askedthe question of how to lose weight quickly, but while not harming the body. They can find the answer in a country like Japan. It was here that the doctors of one of the local clinics developed a special low-calorie diet, with which you can lose just two weeks more than five kilograms.

Japanese diet reviews

For thirteen days, doctors adviseto their patients to use a certain set of products. At the same time, breakfast, lunch and dinner are compulsory. For women, the ideal diet for slimming is the Japanese diet. Comments already passed the course of girls are saying that this is a really effective way to prepare for the summer. Let's talk about the pros and cons of this diet.

Let's start with the negative qualities of the Japanesediet. The foreground is that the products that are allowed to use do not contain enough vitamins and nutrients. In addition, this is a low-calorie Japanese diet. The doctors' comments confirm this. The result of the diet will not only be getting rid of excess kilograms, but also the deterioration of the condition of nails, skin and hair. Japanese experts do not allow any replacement of products, and this for some can become a really big problem.

Japanese dietary reviews of doctors

Perhaps, it is time for positive qualitiesa diet that was developed by Japanese specialists. Within thirteen days, your body will leave about five kilograms, in some cases even more. To get rid of excess weight for all you will help the Japanese diet. The testimonials and results of the examination by the doctors show that these are not empty words, but the facts obtained in real life.

A set of products you can purchaseyourself. There is nothing difficult and difficult to access in it. We suggest you see what products you need for thirteen days, which lasts the Japanese diet. Reviews of girls say that such a reduction in weight will not be an expensive treat for you.

Not such a great selection of drinks offersJapanese diet. Reviews already tried on a diet girls report that for thirteen days you can eat tomato juice and coffee, as well as kefir.

Japanese diet reviews and results
The main products of the menu of the Japanese diet arefresh cabbage, carrots and zucchini. Prepare them in various ways: boil, just rub. To the food does not seem tasteless, because the salt is strictly forbidden, you should fill vegetables with vegetable oil. In addition to basic products, on certain days doctors allow the use of cheese of solid sorts, crackers, low-calorie fruit and eggs. Amazing is that once or twice you have to eat eggs in raw form. Do not forget about more nourishing products. Practically every other day you will be able to eat fish or beef.

Retreat even a few grams from the recommendationsin any case it is impossible. So say the doctors who developed a way to reduce weight, like the Japanese diet. Reviews of girls say that even a small change in the diet will lead to the lack of any result at all. Therefore, you should use this diet only if you can withstand such a meager diet for thirteen days.

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