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Keratin hair straightening: the pros and cons of the procedure

Are you interested in keratin hair straightening? Pros and cons of this newest technique, we now tell you. Its essence lies in the use of special tools based on a natural element - keratin (a kind of natural protein with the properties of mechanical strength). The rectification procedure consists of the following stages:

  • thorough washing and cleaning of hair;
  • application of funds (penetration and filling with keratin of emptiness in the trunk of hair);
  • drying with a hair dryer;
  • ironing strands special hairdresser's ironing,and from the roots to the tips. During this stage, keratin is folded, resulting in a protective layer that covers every hair on the head.

keratin hair straightening pluses and minuses

Keratin hair straightening: the pros and cons

Such a procedure, of course, has many positive aspects, but there are also negative ones. Now consider both.


  • The main advantage is the naturalness of the drugs used. Typically, these cosmetics consist of components such as keratin, herbal extracts and sea salt.
  • The effect after the procedure is saved for several months (three to five).
  • Hair after straightening can be painted and grinded not earlier than a week.
  • Keratin straightening helps to get rid of loss and other ailments that affect the curls. Hair becomes soft and smooth, get shine.
  • Keratin straightening gives the curls a healthy appearance.
  • You can get rid of many problems with hair, for example, from static electricity.

keratin hair straightening price

Minuses of the procedure called "keratin hair straightening"

  • The price of some drugs is quite high.
  • A procedure made by an unskilled worker can damage the curls.
  • After such straightening it is necessary to use certain means for hair care. If you do not use them, the effect will very quickly weaken.
  • The duration of the procedure is from one to four hours (depending on the condition of the hair and its length).
  • For three days you can not do anything (wash, lay, etc.) with curls.
  • The main disadvantage is that you need to repeat the procedure three to four times a year.

Do I need keratin hair straightening?

Advantages and disadvantages of it are now clear. Considering this, we can say that keratin straightening is quite useful and necessary procedure, but it has several "buts", both in terms of money, and in terms of convenience. The naturalness of components is an indisputable advantage. But for such pleasure it is necessary to pay, and it is a lot of.

keratin hair straightening photo
Now it is clear that for the "beast" keratinhair straightening. Pros and cons of the procedure, we also told you in detail. We hope that if you weigh all the pros and cons, you will be able to decide whether to do it or, better still, to refuse it. Are you still interested in keratin hair straightening? A photo of the results will help you understand what will happen after such a session. Thanks to this you can finally decide for yourself whether you need such a straightening.

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