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Pros and cons of nylon prostheses. Opinion of specialists

Nylon dentures today are enviablepopularity. But is it worth it to install them or does it make sense to prefer some other option? To understand this, you should carefully study and weigh all the pros and cons of nylon prostheses.

the pros and cons of nylon prostheses
Let's start, perhaps, with advantages. Nylon is a hypoallergenic plastic material, with which dentists create aesthetic dentures that look almost identical to the real ones. In order to fix the teeth in this case, the clammers are used. And this means that the installation of nylon prostheses makes it possible not to grind healthy and whole teeth for crowns. So, in this respect, nylon prostheses, the pros and cons of which we are considering, are winning. But do the benefits end there?

Prostheses made of nylon - strong and flexible. They easily resist all kinds of stresses and do not deform during the entire period of use. Due to the elasticity of the material itself, wearing such prostheses does not cause any painful or uncomfortable sensations, and the time of getting used to the "new teeth" is significantly reduced. Considering the pros and cons of nylon prostheses, it is impossible not to mention one more advantage, namely the ease of care. Flexible dentures can be easily removed, and they can be cleaned by rinsing with clean running water. Once a week, thorough cleaning with a special toothpaste and brush is performed. It should also be noted that it is nylon prosthesis recommended for use in patients who are allergic to metals from which cheaper analogues are made.

nylon prosthesis pluses and minuses
Many people, considering the pros and consnylon prostheses, pay great attention to their aesthetics. And in fact, in this respect, they can not compare with anything: the unique properties of this material make it possible to almost perfectly recreate the natural surface of the teeth and mucosa. As a rule, in additional fixation nylon dentures do not need, but if necessary they can be equipped with special soft hooks-"invisible". In addition, only nylon prosthesis allows you to distribute the load on bone tissue as evenly as possible - in the future it helps to prevent its atrophy. The described method of prosthetics can be used even with periodontosis of 1 and 2 stages, and healthy teeth will not loosen.

Nevertheless, speaking about the pros and consnylon prostheses, it would be inadmissible to ignore the existing shortcomings. The life of such prostheses is slightly lower than that of the usual ones. On average, nylon prostheses serve their owners about 5-6 years, after which they need to be replaced. In the case of a breakdown, it is practically impossible to repair the prosthesis, and therefore a complete replacement will be required.

dentistry nylon dentures price

However, with all the rules of care forprosthetics and sufficient accuracy can not be afraid of such problems. Undoubtedly, this method of prosthetics is one of the best that modern dentistry can offer. Nylon dentures, the price of which remains affordable for almost everyone, are able not only to give comfort during eating, but also to give the opportunity to smile without embarrassment and to please others with a broad smile.

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