/ How to grow fat in the legs of girls?

How to grow fat in the legs of the girls?

Most often, women discuss diet, waysweight loss, the ability to remove excess centimeters from the hips, calves and shins. All just in captivity mass slimming. Now the world dictates its rules, because leanness is fashionable. But if it looks beautiful on the screens and covers of the magazine, then in real life everything is completely different. Often thin girls complex, put on baggy clothes, wear trousers. And all because of the feet. They give out a strong leanness. Although, it should be noted that not all women have a problem in weight. No, it's quite the opposite. The whole body is beautiful, slim, but the legs are too thin. How to grow fat in the legs with the help of physical exercises? This article will show the main ways, tested in real life and showed a good result.

how to grow fat in the legs
Cause of thin calves and calves

So, before thinking about how to get fatin the legs with the help of physical exercises, it is necessary to understand the cause of the problem. Slender, even, but slender legs can be transmitted genetically. Notice, maybe your parents or sisters, aunts or grandmothers have such a structure of legs? If so, then you do not have to worry about any deviations in development and start the exercises. But the thin legs and thighs may be the result of anatomical problems: muscle atrophy, trauma, poliomyelitis. In such cases, the intervention of doctors is necessary. But if everything is in order, then boldly go to the next steps towards the beautiful legs! How to grow fat in the legs? Physical education and physical exercises will be your faithful helpers.

We recover in the hips

Getting better in the thighs is much easier than in the legs. First, muscle mass here is larger, and it can be formed at will. The main thing is perseverance. So, what to do to make your feet stiff? Here are a few exercises for the hips.

Exercise 1

Become straight, keep your back straight. Make a small foot forward with your right foot (imagine that you are knighted) so that the knee of your left foot forms an angle of 90 degrees, but do not touch it to the floor. Go back to the opposite position. So do twenty times first on one leg, then on the second, in three approaches.

what to do to make your feet grow stout
Exercise 2

How fast to grow fat in the legs? Effective squats will also be effective. Do them at a slow pace, because your goal is to gain muscle mass, and not burn fat. Put your feet on the width of your shoulders and slowly crouch, but not until the end. Imagine if you are behind the chair you want to sit on. Such squats should be done twenty times in three approaches. You pump not only the upper part of your legs, but your buttocks.

Exercise 3

Do not forget about the inner parts of the thigh. They should not be flabby. How to grow fat in the legs? Take the rug, lie on your side. Your whole body must be stretched out by a "string". For convenience, put your hand in front of your chest, lean on it. Slowly swing your legs up, pull out your toe. Twenty times on three approaches to the left and right leg.

We recover in calves

Now let's move on to the calves. This part is harder to swing, it is difficult to gain weight here. But if you try, everything is possible.

how quickly to grow fat in the legs
Exercise 1

Become near the wall and gently arm yourselffor equilibrium. Put your feet evenly. Rise on the socks and slowly sink. So do a hundred times in one approach. Do not forget about the slow pace.

Exercise 2

Walking on socks with weighting. Take dumbbells or water bottles in both hands. Walk with them in a half-squat on your toes for about five minutes. Do everything at a slow pace. Approach - 3 times.


Such simple exercises will give a quick and good result. Do not forget about proper nutrition, cocktails for weight gain and rest. Be healthy!

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