/ / Removing the vascular asterisks on the legs is not only an aesthetic necessity!

Removal of vascular asterisks on the legs is not only an aesthetic necessity!

removal of vascular asterisks on the legs

Small dilated capillaries on face, lookingas red dots, is a malfunction in the operation of blood vessels. On the legs and hands this problem is hidden under the clothes, so people do not hurry up with the treatment, whereas with the face of calls to the doctor a lot - aesthetic discomfort makes itself felt. But such connivance is dangerous! And the removal of vascular asterisks on the legs is not only a cosmetic improvement in appearance. Such asterisks are a visual indication of a violation of blood flow in the body. Damaged vessels do not function properly and will not return back to normal. In addition, if the venous sprouts on the legs are not treated, there will be physical ailments: swelling, pain, cramps.

Removal of vascular asterisks on the legs or facecan be made in several ways, and they are applied depending on the stage, location and characteristics of the body. So, let's take a look and see everything:

Laser removal

how to get rid of stars on your feet

Effective, time-tested method,called laser coagulation, does not have a negative effect on the skin. Bonding of the affected vessel is performed with the help of a laser and gives not only a therapeutic but also a cosmetic effect. A small mesh disappears completely, and large vascular formations decrease significantly and lose brightness. As a rule, the course of treatment is from 3 to 5 days and is selected by a physician-phlebologist on an individual basis.


Removal of the mesh on open parts (face, neck,breast) without damaging the skin. It is produced with the help of a device that will remove asterisks on an area of ​​2 square meters with a single flash. see A radio wave coagulation is a method where an electrode is introduced into the vessels, which narrows them by means of a radio wave.


venous sprouts on the legs

This is a common method of how to get rid ofsprockets on the legs and other parts of the body, the essence of which is in the introduction of a drug in the vein for gluing the walls of the vessel - the sclerosant solution. Then, to increase the pressure and improve the efficiency of the procedure, use compression knitwear: special stockings, knee socks or elastic bandages. The procedure is carried out with a thin needle that leaves no traces, and is completely painless. The conditions are outpatient, that is, the patient is not in the hospital, but goes home the same day. Removal of vascular asterisks on the legs, hands or face in this way will require several injections of the drug (from 2 to 10), depending on the stage of the disease, and will require restrictions on physical activity.

Sclerotherapy with fine foam

A variety of the method of microsclerotherapy, the main thingthe difference is that the sclerosant is used as a foam with air bubbles and is able to cover a large area of ​​the affected vessel or vein. Removing the vascular asterisks on the legs is absolutely safe, since the air will not penetrate further, but completely dissolves in the medicine at the injection site.

As you can see, solving the issue of removal is not a problem,the optimal method will be prompted by a phlebologist. And as a prophylaxis, you can advise taking a contrast shower and using vitamins to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

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