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Vascular asterisks on the face: causes and methods of treatment

With age, the facial skin changes, becomes thinner,loses its elasticity, which often leads to the formation of vascular asterisks on the face - couperose. And when winter cold comes, the problem is aggravated and an urgent decision is required. How to remove vascular asterisks on the face?

Every woman cares and watches the beautyher face - because of how the representative of the fair sex looks, depends on her feelings of youth, and in the end her mood. Sharp temperature changes lead to dry skin of the face, as well as to such an unaesthetic and unpleasant phenomenon as couperose.

Vascular sprouts on the face very much spoilappearance and not at all combined with the notion of healthy, young skin. There are vascular asterisks on the face due to violation of the blood circulation of the skin, and most often appear in the owners of thin and delicate skin. It is this skin that reacts acutely to all effects, and for this reason, its protective reactions decrease, and then unpleasant vascular asterisks appear on the face, most often in the nose, chin and forehead. If you do not fight with couperose, after some time, the redness becomes more intense and makes the face purple and swollen.

Vascular asterisks on the face: treatment

Factors leading to vasodilation, skin exhaustion and premature aging:

- Alcohol abuse;

- abuse of the solarium;

- abuse of hot and spicy food;

- Smoking.

Due to insufficient pigmentation, a light,tender skin is particularly at risk, which means that care must be more careful. This skin has a tendency to rashes and inflammations, so you should take care of it constantly following the rules of hygiene, tempering the skin and applying various procedures and drugs designed to strengthen blood vessels.
When choosing facial care products, you needgive preference to creams containing a vitamin complex that includes mandatory vitamins P, C and K. These vitamins can strengthen the walls of blood vessels, withstand environmental influences and prevent the appearance of couperose.

In order to improve blood circulation, you canresort to the use of various peelings, but in this case, do not use traumatic deep chemical or mechanical peelings, because they can exacerbate the situation. The best option can be a peeling enzyme with papain and bromelain enzymes, which penetrate deep layers, carry out gentle cleansing and also have a therapeutic effect.

Couperose may be treated with electrocoagulation. Cauterization of enlarged vessels with a current of a certain power is suggested in cosmetic salons. As a result of such a procedure, the vascular asterisks disappear. Also, to improve the skin, suffering from couperose can be ozone therapy, in which a certain mixture is injected directly into the vessel itself, which leads to an immediate resorption of the vascular asterisk.

Get rid of the spider veins on the facepossibly through laser photocoagulation. By the result of laser exposure to problem areas of the skin, a certain gluing of the vascular walls occurs, after which the capillary becomes completely invisible. This method is considered to be the most gentle, not traumatizing the skin of the face, and also not delivering the patient absolutely no discomfort. But this method is suitable only for removing vascular sprockets with a diameter of no more than 2 mm.

Along with other ways of getting rid ofthere are also vascular stars. The most virgin of traditional medicine are masks for the face, designed to strengthen weak vessels.

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