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Laser removal of spider veins on the face

Removal of vascular asterisks on the face - thata problem that affects a large number of women. After all, their presence spoils the appearance, and decorative cosmetics can not hide them. In addition, the asterisks are the expansion of the vessels, which requires treatment.

Removal of vascular asterisks on the face

The propensity for the appearance of asterisks is often transmittedby inheritance, and their appearance is influenced by many factors, such as changes in blood pressure, vascular disease in chronic form, sudden temperature fluctuations, some bad habits (smoking, alcohol). Sometimes their appearance indicates skin diseases. Therefore, additional diagnostics are required to identify the cause.

Removal of vascular asterisks on the face todayspend many beauty salons. Electrocoagulation or liquid nitrogen is often used for this purpose. But after such procedures, pigmentation or small scars are common. It is in connection with this that the laser deletion of stars on the face became more popular. The principle of operation of such a procedure is based on the point action of a laser on capillaries. The walls of the vessel are glued together, as a result of which blood flow in the damaged vessels is disturbed, and the tissues are not injured. After such an impact, even minor scars do not appear. The procedure is usually carried out in several sessions, between which an interval of several weeks is made. The number of sessions required depends on the quality and number of stars. The duration of one procedure varies from a few minutes to a third of an hour.

Removal of asterisks on the face

In medicine, the asterisks are called telangiectasias.

The effectiveness of measures for treatment and prevention depends on the degree of the disease.

The disease, which is in the initial stage, is well treated with the help of vascular training.

To prevent the appearance of starsThe help of such procedures as cryotherapy (with application of cold influence), darsonval (pulse massage), contrast compresses and mesotherapy (introduction of cocktails and special preparations).

Removal of vascular asterisks on the face with the use of cryotherapy leads to a long vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory effect, the procedure also has an immunomodulatory effect.

Delete asterisks

Contrast compresses include vitamins, algae and green tea, which have a beneficial effect on the skin.

During the procedures of mesotherapy, cocktails are injected under the skin from drugs that improve the circulation of blood in the vessels. As a result, fluid stagnation is prevented and elasticity is increased.

Professionals recommend removalasterisks when it is not very cold outside and the sun does not shine very brightly, because after procedures you should avoid sudden changes in temperature and ultraviolet exposure, since there is a risk of pigmentation. It is also advisable to lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream containing vitamins C, A, and E. Before going out, it is better to use those creams that protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Removal of vascular asterisks on the face hassome contraindications. This procedure is prohibited for pregnant women, nursing women and those who have inflammation on the skin (including acne). It is not recommended that such a procedure be carried out for very tanned people, because there is a risk that spots will remain in the places of the stars.

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