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Fashion coat with fox fur: what to consider when buying

The fur of a black fox does not give up positions in the worldfashion and actively used by designers to create warm and beautiful winter clothes. Thanks to its marvelous appearance, the black fox is considered to be the embodiment of elegance and good taste, so many women try to save money, so that by the winter they can make themselves a luxurious new thing.

coat with fox fur

Advantages of fur

Among the popular clothes for the harsh Russianwinter coat is a coat with fox fur. The fur of this fluffy fox is not only beautiful, but also very warm, there are no frosts in it. Used in the role of finishing or for the manufacture of whole products. The fen has excellent heat-saving properties, therefore in a product from such fur it is possible to walk along the street even in -35 ° С. Also among the advantages include a remarkable wear resistance, the product will please its owner for at least 10 seasons.

Description of fur

Coat with fox fur at the peak of popularity amongwomen of all ages. This beautiful fur is different quality, will be worn for many years, without losing its original splendor, it perfectly protects against cold and wind. The coat is pleasant to the touch, does not tend to roll, does not get out. Most often, for stylish outerwear, unpainted fur is used.

coat with winter fox

Popular Models

Among the abundance of models and styles thatoffer modern manufacturers of coats with fox fur, each woman can choose what she likes. Very nicely look stylized styles with a small elegant girdle and a magnificent fur collar. Not always fur is used in the product in its pure form, some models suggest a combination of textures, for example, fox fur and leather. These clothes look luxurious, ideal for young girls and older ladies, perfectly emphasize femininity and, of course, save from the cold.

If necessary, you can buy a model that hasfinishing fox fur in a hood, cuffs, on the chest. This option will cost several times cheaper, perfect for everyday wear. Stylishly and beautifully look a coat with fox fur, decorated with fur on the hem.

For severe winters there is nothing better than quiltedmodels, with a warmer climate, you can buy a stylish thing to the knee, which will be a wonderful completion of the business image. Luxurious coat with fox fur, in which the fur is decorated with the entire front side of the product. But the cost of such a product will be much higher.

coat with fox fur

Features of choice

When buying a coat of fox is not worth itit is very important to carefully inspect the product. Despite the name, the fur itself is painted in silvery-gray, black is only its tips, so the natural product is distinguishable from fake even in color. The next parameter is weight, the coat will be quite heavy. Finally, it is important to understand that a quality product can not be cheap, that's why if the cost of clothes is seductively low, it is worth considering and refusing to purchase.

When choosing a winter coat with silver foxpay attention to the analysis of the quality of fur, it must be smooth and shiny, gentle and soft to the touch, the same length. Having patted it "against the wool", you can see that the pile itself will return to its former position, when pressed with a hand, it will straighten up fairly quickly. The indicator of a good product is a thick and dense undercoat, which you can see by pushing the villi. If after these manipulations on the palms there is at least one hair, then the thing does not differ in quality.

If the seller at the outlet does not giveshould inspect the product, referring to the fact that the careless buyer can spoil the expensive fur, then from the purchase of the coat should also refrain. Experienced and conscientious sellers understand that buying expensive, is purchased for many years to come, so the customer has the right to doubt and a completely natural desire to resolve them.

fur coat of fox


Fur coat of fox - a thing prettydear, so you should prepare yourself for an impressive cost. However, this kind of outer garment will last for many years, maintaining an impeccable appearance and thermal properties. Products of domestic manufacturers will cost in the amount of 23 to 80 thousand rubles, exquisite designer things are even more. Many modern sellers, realizing that such an expensive thing is not affordable for everyone, offer to issue a loan or installments.

A fur coat with fox fur is an excellent opportunity not only to comfortably survive the harsh season, but also stylish and attractive look.

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