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Summer coat: fashionable

Fashionable women's coat - this is one of the moststylish and feminine wardrobe items. Such outerwear adorns any woman, despite her type of figure, taste preferences and age. In this season fashionistas are waiting for a variety of textures, colors and styles of models, which we'll talk about.

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Fashionable summer coats 2014

Incredible popularity will be enjoyedmodels simulating ponchos, capes and pelerines. There are no restrictions on the length of these coats. And a very short summer coat, resembling a bolero in silhouette, and a long one, similar to a royal robe, will be relevant this season.

Of course, it is worth emphasizing that the latterThe options look chic, but do not differ in practicality. In general, women's summer mantle coats can not be attributed to the everyday clothes, as they are more suitable for ceremonial exits. At the same time, all shortened models are perfect for everyday wearing. They perfectly match with trousers, skirts, dresses and jeans.

His position does not give and summer coat withoutThe collar with a selected waist, and also with the silhouette in the form of an hourglass. They perfectly emphasize the femininity of their mistress, as they are "adjusted" directly to the figure. Such models are distinguished by a variety of decorative elements: assembly, lace, sleeves, flashlights, embroidery, etc. When choosing them, the main thing is not to overdo it with accessories. Fashion designers advise you to choose quiet, low-key things to such models, otherwise you can not create an image of an elegant and stylish woman.

For a year now, at the height of fashionstyle military. Summer coat, resembling a military uniform with metal buttons, epaulettes, patch pockets and wide straps is a hit of the season.

women's summer coats

But models with a direct classic cut lookvery stylish and feminine. If you want to refresh and diversify your image, fashion designers this season recommend wearing classic coats with a wide belt or unfastened.

Summer coat: fashion fabrics

Considering the materials for the models of this season,you need to start to note such fabrics as leather, wool, suede and cashmere. Also this year, fashion will include crocheted coats, decorated with decorative chic items.

Strong look combined with knittingmodel. The main thing is that they will be relevant for the summer, as all the fashion collections are filled with things from guipure and lace fabrics, which differ in weightlessness and ease.

Cloak fabric with light glossy impregnationwill also be relevant. This year a special place is given also to brilliant fabrics. There is a feeling that the designers have tried to embody the idea that the gentle sex in fashionable clothes should shine like precious stones.

summer coat without a collar

To summarize, we can say that choosing a fashionable coat, you should remember: only an individually selected model can emphasize your dignity and show a beautiful unique style.

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