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How to choose the right coat for teenage girls?

coats for teenage girls

Many parents are well aware of how difficult it isselect teenage winter coats for girls. At this age, your maturing daughter is increasingly thinking about her appearance. She wants to look not only as good as others, but better, much better than her peers. And this applies not only to summer dresses and sarafans. In winter all young ladies also want to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right coat for teenage girls.

Choose a down jacket

The most popular and practical todayoption - downy winter coats for girls. Usually, these are fitted and elongated models with a belt. Pay attention to the presence of side pockets, hood and high collar. These elements will provide the girls with coziness and warmth. Most often, manufacturers choose polyamide for the top layer of the product. This fabric is strong enough and wear-resistant.

Coat for teenage girls: what should be a heater

teenage winter coats for girls

Preferred models with naturalfiller. First of all, this, of course, down. It is desirable that it was eider or goose. Coats for teenage girls with duck down are not worth buying, if in your region the winters are harsh. This filler is not too warm. Coats with natural fluff are expensive, but it fully justifies the money spent. You can choose a cheaper model, but it will be with a synthetic insulation.

Synthetic heaters

Parents should not be afraid of the word "synthetics". Modern synthetic heaters are hypoallergenic (and natural fluff can cause the girl's strongest allergic reaction), are light, very well retain heat (up to -25 degrees). In addition, for example, holofayber - insulation thin, and this allows designers to create elegant and feminine models. They are very warm and light. Syntepon refers to synthetic first-generation heaters. It is more voluminous and after several washings it loses its heat-preserving properties.

Excellent quality and reasonable price

coat for teen girls winter
All parents want their girl inThe frosty day felt warm and cozy in the new coat. But how to acquire a model, the price of which would fully correspond to the quality? Do not immediately go to the market and buy a cheap and at first glance quite nice piece of Chinese masters. After all, when you buy, you will not be given any guarantees. And it is not at all clear what surprises the owner is preparing for. Unfortunately, there is a lot of criticism of the quality of Chinese products. It is worn for a short time, often after the first washing fades, but most importantly, there are cases of allergies to toxic dyes.

Not all moms and dads can lead a child intobrand salon and buy a coat from the famous European brand. Fortunately, today there are many trusted and respected parents of online stores that offer clothes for teenagers at times cheaper than in salons and boutiques. In them, without leaving your home, you will order your favorite coats for teenage girls. Winter is a wonderful time of the year, but only when the clothes are picked up correctly.

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