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What should be a trendy winter coat

Podiums are full of collections of fashionable warm coats,which are perfect for winter season. But is it worth buying such a thing to Russian women? After all, local winters are so severe that without a fur coat or sheepskin coats, it is simply impossible to even go out into the street. However, not every time you see on the thermometer is so low a mark. Therefore, in a relatively glorious winter day, you can also take a walk in your coat. This is also strongly recommended by designers, persistently creating whole collections of this classic version of outerwear.

Winter coat for today becomestrendy and sometimes flashy accessory. Fashion trends dictate to us several basic rules at once, observing which you will become the envy of all familiar ladies. The material for this product can be almost anything. In the course goes velor, cashmere, drape, cloth, leather, tweed and suede. A special glamor is a winter coat made of brocade. If you want to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time feel comfortable, then pay attention to the knitted thing. However strange it may sound, it is this variant that occupies a leading position, overtaking its counterparts. In it you will look very nice and feminine.

Let's talk now about the styles. The style of the eighties and forties of the last century remains actual. If you want to be in a trend, then buy a thing with three-dimensional shoulders and a three-dimensional silhouette. By the way, this option is ideal for ladies with lush forms. This winter coat will excellently hide the shortcomings of the figure and will not constrain movement. The style of "military" still remains relevant. The features of military clothing are invariably repeated in many fashion collections from season to season. Also no less popular is the trench coat. And the classic collar with sharp edges now varies up to rounded forms. Possible option "rack".

And what about the length? Of course, a short winter coat will suit only those ladies who move for the most part in a taxi and personal vehicles. If you have to cover a decent distance on foot, then choose a long option. This coat visually slim and looks good on both high and miniature girls. And the icy wind will not get under your clothes if you put an ankle-length thing on. That's just to clean such a coat will have regular.

If you want to make a special impression andunobtrusively tell others about their situation in society, then choose a thing with a rim made of natural fur. This coat will cost a lot more, but the image will turn out to be really luxurious. In addition, a fur collar made of fox, raccoon or mink will additionally heat not only the soul, but also the body.

Pay attention to the winter coat with a hood. It will save your hair even in frost. This will be the best option for those who do not tolerate hats. The hood should be additionally insulated to withstand the wind. Such a model will be especially relevant in changing weather.

Where to buy a winter coat to buything lasted long and did not disappoint with its quality? It's best to go to a special store that sells top clothes. As a rule, the salons guarantee their customers high quality. In the event of a marriage, a thing can always be returned or exchanged. Of course, with a check. Carefully check when buying all the seams for strength. Nowhere should not stick out a single thread. Fur, if any, is subjected to even more careful analysis. After all, it is because of him that the coat becomes much more expensive. It should be smooth and the undercoat thick. Try on a thing, think whether you really feel comfortable with it. It is better to choose the model with a smooth lining. Then the coat will be well worn with any thing.

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