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Addresses of shops "Zara Home" in Moscow: the most popular points

Popular brand "Zara" pampers its fansnot only a variety in the world of clothing. She proposes to make her home much more comfortable and comfortable, and also to emphasize its advantageous sides. In retail outlets Zara Home you can buy quality products that will take a worthy place in every home. It's not just bed linens or beautiful candles. This is a wide range of items for each house. List addresses of shops "Zara Home" in Moscow is useful to the modern buyer. And, undoubtedly, will be able to replenish the collection of actual and favorite places for shopping.

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Chain of stores "Zara Home" in the capital

A beautiful house you want to have any person. Therefore, each shop Zara Home has so wide a range that to get out ofit is simply impossible without purchases. The shelves are filled with small and pleasant little things, from which an atmosphere of coziness is created. Each casket or basket for small items will carefully preserve the most favorite things. In Moscow, on every trading floor of the brand are widely represented: bed linens of different color scale, vases, interior items, lighting fixtures. Buyers are also waiting for comfortable clothes for sleep and other useful accessories.

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Buy modern collections or productspast years is always possible at a reasonable cost. Many shops spend seasonal sales. Thanks to them you can buy really worthwhile decor items for almost half the price. In addition, many shopaholics not only know very well, where there are shops "Zara Home" in Moscow. They use promotional codes, thanks to which each purchase becomes even more profitable.

Addresses in Moscow

Addresses of the shops "Zara Home" in Moscow:

  • Highway Kaluzhskoe, 33.
  • The Warsaw highway, 140.
  • Highway Leningrad, 16.
  • Kashirskoye Highway 14.
  • Neglinnaya, 10.
  • Kievsky Station Square, 2.
  • MKAD, 66 km.
  • Yartsevskaya, 19.
  • Boulevard Khodynsky, 19.
  • Altufevskoe highway and MKAD 84 km (intersection), first floor.
  • Highway Pyatnickoe, 7 km.

addresses of stores in Moscow

Also, you can purchase branded products from Zara for the home and in other outlets. Famous sites are in great demand among consumers.

Addresses of shops "Zara Home" in Moscow: popular points

  • SEC "Afimall City". Location of the object: Presnenskaya embankment 2, floor - 2.
  • Kirovograd, 13-A. First floor.
  • Shopping center "Riviera". Located at: Avtozavodskaya, 18.
  • Aircraft designer Mikoyan, 10. Floor - 1.

Shops near metro: addresses

Some retail outlets are located nearsubway. Therefore, getting to them will be easy, and also the path will take a minimum amount of time. Each of them offers the consumer a full range of modern and sought-after products.

Addresses of shops "Zara Home" in Moscow are the following:

  • Shopping center "Golden Babylon". Located on Mira Avenue, 211. Exit at metro stations: "Botanical Garden", "Sviblovo".
  • Shopping center "Vegas". 24 km of MKAD, the first floor, pavilion - 245. Metro: Krasnogvardeyskaya, Domodedovo.
  • Shopping center "Europark". Located: The highway Rublyovskoye, 62. Exit the metro at the stops: "Youth", "Krylatskoe."
  • SC "Artirium". The address of the trading platform: Zemlyanoi Val, 33. Subway stations: "Kurskaya", "Chkalovskaya".
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