/ The best clothes Finn Flare. Addresses of shops in Moscow

The best clothes Finn Flare. Addresses of shops in Moscow

Manufacturers of clothing multiply like mushrooms afterof rain. But finding a decent is not always an option. A lot of offers of clothes very often make choice difficult. At first glance it may seem that there is nothing difficult in buying clothes when its assortment has no boundaries, but in this remark there is an essence, since quality things rarely come across among this abundance.

Finn Flare stores in Moscow - a worthy choice for the whole family

finn flare addresses of stores in moscow

The Finnish brand is a trading network on theany taste. The brand of clothing was officially registered in 1965. To date, there are a huge number of outlets. On the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the former USSR there are more than 350 Finn Flare outlets. Addresses of stores in Moscow are presented in large numbers, in particular, there are 38 stores in the city, among which you can choose any convenient option for location. The founder and legislator of the Finn Flare brand style is Ksenia Ryasova, who was born in Russia, so the company's products are more focused on the Russian market. And only in 2006 the rights of the company were completely rewritten by the citizen of Finland Raimo Aaltonen.

Location of shops in the capital

The brand Finn Flare addresses the stores in Moscow has the following:

  • ul. Enthusiasts, 36 а (the store is located in the shopping center "Vertical");
  • ul. Enthusiasts, 1b (located in the shopping center "Traffic Light");
  • md. Sunny, 10 (based in the shopping center "Course");
  • pl. Lenin, 5 (store can be found in the shopping center "Voskresensk");
  • ul. Sovetskaya, 9 (for shopping you need to visit the shopping center "Edelweiss").

network of finn flare stores in Moscow

This is the top 5 stores of the famous brand, whichhave an expanded selection of products of the company. However, this is not all. Finn Flare addresses the shops in Moscow has other. You can find a suitable place for shopping in any part of the city. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to find out the following brand Finn Flare addresses of stores in Moscow:

  • ul. Right-Bank, 16 (the store is located in the shopping center "Capitol");
  • pl. Semenovskaya, 1 (you need to go to the shopping center "Semenovskiy");
  • ul. Yartsevskaya, 19 ("Capitol" shopping center);
  • ul. Tulskaya, 13 (the store is located in the shopping center "Yerevan Plaza");
  • ul. Profsoyuznaya, 129a (shopping center "Prince Plaza").

Thus, it can be concluded that addressesFinn Flare stores in Moscow are available to any mod. No matter in which part of the city you live, on Arbat, Tverskaya or Yakimanka, a Finn Flare store can be found everywhere. Such a densely located card of retail outlets probably does not have any other store in the Russian capital.

Discounts from Finn Flare

finn flare discounts

Quite often Finn Flare stores discountsthey do. This allows you to save your family budget. Sometimes you can find offers that are several times cheaper than the original cost. Brand shops always have promotional offers. There is a system of cumulative discounts, so each visitor will remain satisfied. This is an excellent store in which you can make purchases for all occasions. Clothing and accessories in an affordable price segment will satisfy the need of any fashionista or fashionista. Buy from a trusted manufacturer is safe. This helps to make sure the feedback of satisfied customers. Children's collections are always presented with discounts.

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