/ / Store "Stradivarius": addresses in Moscow. Style and availability

Store "Stradivarius": addresses in Moscow. Style and availability

Youth clothes "Stradivarius", embodying into itself all fashionable tendencies, for the first time has been let out in 1994. This means that the Spanish brand has more years than some of its admirers. And this absolutely does not detract from the popularity of comfortable and stylish clothes. In recent years, the brand is developing rapidly. The proof is that the store "Stradivarius" enjoys mad popularity in the capital. The addresses in Moscow are numerous, their list is quite long and in demand. For your convenience, we have selected the most necessary information.

Stradivarius: a couple of words about the history of the brand

Stradivarius: addresses of stores in Moscow

Initially, the brand originated in Barcelona, ​​was conceived as a tailor-made tailoring for lovely ladies. But over time, a modest family business began to gain serious momentum, which is not surprising.

Resourcefulness and innovative conceptsentrepreneur brand have done their thing. "Stradivarius" aroused genuine interest in the concern Inditex, which includes the world-famous brands ("Oisho", "Bershka", "Zara" and others). So, since 1999, "Stradivarius" was officially recognized as part of the "Inditex", which helped the brand to enter the European market and prove itself excellent there.

To be stylish simply: shop "Stradivarius" (addresses in Moscow)

Dress with taste, without overpaying at the same time,love all over the world. A direct proof of this is more than 800 branded stores, which are in 50 countries. Only in Russia you can find clothes of a well-known brand in such cities as Voronezh, Lipetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, YekaterinburgBurg, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Kazan, St. Petersburg and, of course, Moscow.

If you want to find out where the store is"Stradivarius" (addresses in Moscow), you will be stunned by a huge list, which includes more than 25 items. It remains to choose the nearest stores and go for a successful and profitable shopping.

Store "Stradivarius": addresses in Moscow

Popular female brand "Stradivarius": addresses of stores in Moscow

Metro stationStreet
"Airport" / "Dynamo"Aircraft designer Mikoyan, 10
"Kakhovskaya" / "Sevastopol" / "Chertanovskaya"Azov, 24 (3rd building)
"Kursk" / "Chkalovskaya"Earth Shaft, 33
"Exhibition" / "Business Center"Presnenskaya embankment, 2
Altufevo85-th km, MKAD (at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road and Altufevskoe highway)
"Aviamotor" / "Ilyich's Square"Highway Enthusiasts, 12/2
"Domodedovo"25th km, MKAD (at the intersection of Moscow Ring Road and Kashirskoye Highway)
"Myakinino"67th km, MKAD (at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road and Volokolamskoe Highway)

"Varshavskaya" / "Nagatinskaya" / "Nagornaya" / "Kashirskaya" /

"Kolomna" / "Nakhimovsky prospect"

Kashirskoye Highway 14
"Prague"Kirovogradskaya, 13A
"Babushukinskaya" / "VDNKh" / "Otradnoe"Prospekt Mira, 211
"Kiev"The square of the Kiev railway station, 2
"University"Prospect Vernandsky, 6
"Voikovskaya"Leningradskoe shosse, 16A, p.4
"Warm mill" / "Yasenevo"The 41st km of the Moscow Ring Road or the 21st km of the Kaluga Highway
"Kolomna" / "Technopark"Andropov Avenue, 8
"Kuzminki"Volgogradsky prospect, 125
"Teply Stan"Profsoyuznaya, 129A
"Revolution Square" / "Theatrical" / "Okhotny Ryad"Manezhnaya square, 1, building 2
"Slavic Boulevard"Kutuzovsky prospect, 57

"Baumanskaya" / "Sokolniki" / "Riga" /


Verhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 3A
"Novokosino" / "Novogireevo" / "Schelkovskaya22-nd km, MKAD, ow.1

Let this list become your guiding light in the world of shopping, and the most loved and visited will be the Stradivarius store. Addresses in Moscow are relevant for today.

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