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American brand Nike: addresses of Nike stores in Moscow

The world famous brand from America iswell familiar to many Nike. In Russian transcription it sounds like "Nike". Addresses of shops in Moscow are of interest not only to those who want to buy sportswear, but also want to buy a comfortable high-quality footwear.

Today, the organization specializes inmanufacture, modeling and sale of sportswear. She also produces shoes and accessories. Throughout the world, the famous Nike emblem is known, which symbolizes the wing of the goddess Niki. Where is the Nike store in Moscow? The addresses can be found below in the article.

addresses of Nike shops in Moscow

From the history of the company

The founder of Nike in 1964 becameStudent of the University in Origon - Phil Knight. He himself practiced sports, constantly trained, and for this he needed a good special outfit. Adidas did not have the opportunity to buy clothes. It is of excellent quality, but the prices for it are quite high. Phil Knight decided to create her competition by supplying cheaper products from Japan to America. One of the Japanese companies entered into an agreement with him. At first he even sold products on the street. Success came instantly, many customers appeared. The inspirer of the company was the Greek goddess of victory, Nick.

So in the 70s the company became fleetingdevelop. The most famous innovation of Nike was the release of sneakers with an unusual "waffle" (corrugated) sole. Loud start the company received at the stage of preparation for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Many American athletes used Nike equipment. Many famous people collaborated with Nike for advertising purposes. Addresses of shops, metro in Moscow (the nearest stations), where this product is sold, can be found below. Today the company's enterprises are located in 55 countries.

shop nike in moscow subway addresses

Uniqueness and relevance of the products

In the Nike brand stores, the assortment is veryrich. Here, men and women can buy sneakers, clothes, accessories. Fans of Pilates are offered a special modular sports ballet with open fingers. The most iconic sneakers from the brand: Air Max, Toki, Cortez. This shoe has a bright design, suitable for any occasion. A pair of sneakers in the company store costs about 5000 to 15000 rubles.

Among a huge selection of products you can buy windbreakers, leggings, shirts, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, sports pants. Especially popular is the basketball series Nike.

company store nike in moscow addresses

Addresses of Nike stores in Moscow

The Russian market has not been spared by the glorified company. In the capital, there are more than 10 firm stores "Nike". In Moscow, the addresses of the brand's retail premises are as follows:

  • m "Arbatskaya", st. Arbat, 19. The opening hours of the store are from 10.00 to 22.00.
  • The "Nike" branch is opened in the "Yerevan Plaza" shopping complex, on Bolshaya Tulskaya street, not far from "Tulskaya" metro station.
  • Shop Nike on the street. Ordzhonikidze, d.11
  • m. "Bratislava", st. Pererva, 41, building 1.
  • m. "Yasenovo", Novoyasenevsky pr-t, d.11.
  • m. "Smolenskaya", pl. Smolenskaya-Sennaya, 27-29 / 1, building 1A.
  • m. "Teatralnaya", Red Square, 3.
  • m. "Okhotny Ryad", Manege Square, 1, building 2.
  • m. "Kuskaya", st. Ground Val, d.33.
  • m. "Krylatskoe", on Rublyovskoye Highway 62

Having clothes and shoes brand Nike, you can go in for sports and spend an active holiday.

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