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Job description of the mechanic. Job description of the chief mechanic

The job description of the mechanic contains such moments as rights and duties, a mode of operation, general provisions, data on what the employee is responsible for. Consider everything in order.

Basic Provisions

The job description of the mechanic contains the same basic sections as the main mechanic, garage mechanics, etc. positions.

Job description of mechanic

The instruction should contain such basic provisions as:

  • duties of the employee;
  • level of education of the employee;
  • his rights;
  • a responsibility;
  • right of signature.

The job description of the garage mechanic: duties

The mechanic must maintain reliabilitythe functioning of all mechanisms and equipment in its possession, ensure its proper use, check the operability in time and conduct debugging. If necessary, modernize the equipment and improve the effectiveness of these actions. The job description of the release mechanic also obliges the employee to create schedules (plans) for checking the mechanisms, if necessary, to form requests for preventive and other repairs to the machinery of the machinery entrusted to him, and to keep records of it.

Job description of the chief mechanic
Also he must fill out service books for thisequipment. If a new one is bought, the employee is obliged to participate in its receipt, installation, preparation and conduct of attestation of places for workers. The duties of this employee include the work on the formation of accounting for all equipment, taking into account its service time and updates, to form a package of documentation for its write-off.

Scope of mechanics knowledge

The job description of the mechanic on transportIndicates what the employee needs to know. This includes various regulatory and other information related to repair. The employee must be able to repair the equipment. He should have knowledge about the specifics of the structure of the organization, especially on the technological side. Also he must have the following information:

  • know the features of the technological process for the production of goods / services in the company;
  • understand how the repair service is organized in the company;
  • own all the methods used to plan and implement the repair of the economy;
  • possess knowledge related to the technological capacities of equipment, operating characteristics, design, options for installation and repair;
  • to be able to correctly carry out acceptance and write-off of equipment;
  • be able to maintain technical regulations, plan the rational use of the company's mechanisms;
  • to see the prospects for the development of the organization (job description of the chief mechanic);
  • to be able to use all the accumulated experience in using, repairing and optimizing the activities of the equipment entrusted to it;
  • To have knowledge in the field of economics, management (for managerial positions), labor economics;
  • Have knowledge of the basics of environmental legislation;
  • clearly know and follow the rules regarding occupational safety and health.

Job Instruction of the Garage Mechanic

Who can be appointed as a mechanic?

The job description of the mechanic determines: A vacant place can be occupied by an employee who has a diploma of higher technical education. Also, the employee must have the required length of service in this field.

Basic Provisions

The instruction indicates that the employee is obligedto be an expert, to have a higher education. He must have an experience of at least 3 years. The employee can be accepted or dismissed from his post only by the head of the enterprise.

The job description of the mechanic on transport

The job description of the mechanic of the enterprise,in addition to providing information on what knowledge an employee must possess, indicates what he should be guided by in his work. So, the employee is obliged to be guided by the following regulations:

  • Legislative acts of the Russian Federation.
  • The company's charter.
  • Orders and orders of higher management.
  • Job description of the mechanic.
  • The rules of the company's work schedule, where he works.

Who is the subordinate mechanic

According to the information that the officialthe repair mechanic's instructions, the employee must be subordinate to either the chief mechanic or the superior manager (in the event that he coordinates the work of the mechanics).

During the absence of an employee in the workplacethe tasks of the mechanic are assigned to the one who is appointed by the director of the company. He gets all his functions, rights and functionality, becomes responsible for the quality performance of the mechanic's work.

The list of direct duties

job description of the mechanic of the enterprise

The job description of a mechanical engineer includes a complete list of all the functions that an employee must perform.

  1. It supports the optimal functioning of allmechanisms, their competent use, in time carries out debugging in case of breakdown and technical inspections, carries out updating of the equipment. Also, the mechanic optimizes the repair costs and maintains the optimal state of the mechanisms.
  2. It monitors the technical condition and, if necessary, debugs all devices that protect the mechanical properties of the machines, buildings and facilities of the company.
  3. Forms, prepares and conducts studies,verification and debugging of the equipment entrusted to it, forms applications to the central office for basic repairs, to receive various tools that are needed for repair. The job description of the mechanic indicates that he also compiles the documentation for the equipment he services, generates orders for spare parts, etc.
  4. Participates in the acquisition of purchased capacities, theirinstallation, preparation for attestation of places for work and its conduct. The mechanic is obliged to update the equipment, replace the low-productivity one with a more powerful one.
  5. Keeps records of the company's capacities, conducts their write-offs in the event of an end to an amortization period or obsolescence.
  6. Examines the conditions of the functioning of the mechanisms, analyzes the situation when the equipment is idle, determines its technical level.
  7. Forms, implements modern methods of repairand updating all the details; conducts activities aimed at increasing the life of equipment, reducing downtime, minimizing the level of accidents and injuries in production, reducing repair costs, increasing its efficiency.
  8. Forms the necessary documents for departmental supervisory institutions.
  9. Keeps records of costs for lubrication and wiping, carries out the restoration of oils that have been worked out.
  10. Participates in verification of the company's capacities;forms an advantageous mode of operation for each unit of the company's mechanisms, which will increase the effectiveness of the application; develops regulations for technical operation and better performance of repairs.
  11. He studies suggestions on the optimal repair and updating of the fleet of equipment, writes conclusions, participates in the implementation of approved measures.
  12. Keeps records of the work done, which concerns debugging and updating of the company's facilities, as well as costs for these purposes.
  13. Works on the norms and rules of labor protection; in the case of repair - adheres to the requirements of environmental safety.
  14. Carries out the control of the employees of the entrusted department (if this is the job description of the chief mechanic).
  15. It works according to the labor regulations developed within the company and approved by the company, adheres to other regulations issued and approved by the company.
  16. Complies with the rules of industrial safety equipment.
  17. Maintains order and cleanliness at the workplace.
  18. At the signed labor contract carries out orders of employees of the enterprise, at whom it is in submission.

Job description of the mechanic for repair

Mechanic and his rights

The job description of a mechanic also contains information about the rights that a company employee has. So, the mechanic has the right:

  • develop and provide the director withconsideration of rational proposals: to improve the quality of its work; on awarding subordinate employees; on imposition of disciplinary and material liability on employees who violated labor discipline (job description of the chief mechanic);
  • to form inquiries to other divisions of the company on the information that is necessary for him for the qualitative implementation of his direct duties;
  • to study the documents in which his rights and functional duties are defined, the criteria for determining the quality of his work are prescribed;
  • to study the decisions of the company's directorate, which are aimed at evaluating its work;
  • to make demands to the company's directorate onprovision of assistance, including maintenance of organizational and technical conditions and preparation of documents necessary for the performance of its immediate functions.

The responsibility of the garage mechanic

Job Instruction of Mechanical Engineer

The job description of the garage mechanic contains the data on the responsibility that the worker bears:

  • in case of non-fulfillment or poor-quality performance of its direct functions - in accordance with the Labor Legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • for violations found during the execution of work - in accordance with the Criminal and Civil Legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • when causing material damage to the company - in accordance with the Civil and Labor Legislation of the Russian Federation.

Work schedule and signature right

The schedule of the employee's work is determined based on the Company's work rules.

If necessary, the mechanic goes tobusiness trip, this item contains the job description of the chief mechanic. In the same instruction there is an item according to which the employee can be provided with official vehicles for carrying out his functions and solving issues requiring promptness.

The document may also state that the employee has the right to sign the necessary documents that relate to the performance of his direct functions.

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