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Job description of the secretary-referent: rights and duties

The secretary-referent is referred to the categoryspecialists. This position may be occupied by persons who have a higher or special secondary education and work experience of more than one year. Without an appointment, the appointment is made when passing special courses.

Job description of the secretary-referentsaid that this employee is in the subordination of the director, and in his work should be guided by the legislation, the organization's charter, management orders, normative and methodological materials on record keeping, regulations on structural subdivisions of the enterprise,

The Secretary's job description indicates that,that the given expert should know a direction of activity and structure of the organization, a surname of heads of divisions, higher bodies and the partner organizations. The referent must have knowledge of the design of management documents, know the methodology and normative documentation for the conduct of office work, typing, the fundamentals of aesthetics and ethics, labor legislation, business communication.

An employee should be able to use computer andother office equipment, work in a Windows environment, use e-mail and the Internet, office equipment and communications, conduct business negotiations and draft orders, business letters and minutes of meetings.

The official instruction of the Secretary assigns tothe functions of information reference services, the maintenance of personnel records and documentation (the management of labor books, the formulation of employment contracts, business trips, etc.), organizational and documentation support for the work of management.

The secretary-reviewer should register,take into account, accept documents, exercise control over their execution, ensure their storage. He also monitors the quality and correctness of the preparation and preparation, approval and approval of documents that are provided for signature to the head, execution of instructions from the management, takes measures for the quality and timely execution of orders and instructions.

Job description of the secretary-referentinstructs him to prepare meetings, draw up and keep records, receive visitors, maintain personnel documentation, perform copying and typing operations, perform management assignments, select documents for destruction or archival storage.

Job description of the secretary of the headgrants him the right to review documents and refer them to specialists and managers of the organization. The reviewer may require the heads of departments to report on the work done and explanations of the failure to fulfill tasks and instructions of the head in time. The secretary has the right to demand the completion of documents from the performers, if they are improperly issued; within the scope of their competence, management documents. The reviewer submits to the head of the proposal on improving the documentation support and improving the methods of managerial work. He can work with documents representing commercial secrets. In addition, this specialist may require the creation of normal conditions for him to perform his duties.

The Secretary's job description indicates that,that he is responsible for improper storage of documents, negligent registration and maintenance of documents, disclosure of information that contains commercial secrets and has a classification of secrecy, untimely and unclear execution of duties by office.

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