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Personnel Managers: Responsibilities and Competencies

Most recently in Russia appeared this kind ofprofession, as human resource managers. Their functional duties are similar to the duties of personnel inspectors who are involved in personnel management and monitor compliance with the regulations of the Labor Code. Human resource managers perform the same tasks, but with a wider range of functions. Their main task is to combine the company's goals and strategy with the available human resources, labor potential and qualifications. Personnel managers perform the entire cycle of work with personnel: from hiring staff and studying the labor market to dismissal and retirement. The HR manager develops strategies for managing the company's employees, personnel policy; is responsible for the development of skills, the necessary orientation and level of training; determines and forecasts the need for specialists and workforce, carries out analysis of human resources; marketing employees of the company; maintains cooperation with the employment service; and etc.

Duties of the Human Resources Manager

1. Analysis of the labor market, reporting information to the management of the organization on the prevailing situations with staff and average wages.

2. Operational selection and search of specialists for the organization. Forecasting of needs in workers. Development of the personnel reserve.

3. Creation of a motivational system of work. Material motivation falls entirely on the shoulders of the management of the organization, and intangible - on the manager of personnel.

4. Human resource managers create and oversee corporate culture. Their tasks include the formation of the work collective (collective and personal interest in the final result of work, the unity of skills and methods in achieving the ultimate goals, the socio-psychological climate, personal and group relationships). Personnel managers are engaged in the organization of socio-psychological and professional adaptation of new employees.

5. One of the most important functions of the HR manager is personnel training. The care of such a personnel officer is the organization of trainings, the creation of advanced training courses, training seminars.

6. Consulting services in the field of human resources management of management, preparation of reporting on the necessary issues.

According to a certain standard, one HR manager is necessary for 70 employees of the company. If the organization employs more than 100 people, a single staff manager is not enough.

What are the professional qualities of a human resource manager

1. At a professional level, such a manager should have developed communication skills. The Human Resources Manager conducts an initial interview, so this HR manager must have an individual approach to the applicants for the vacancy. Each person, having passed to the interview, is nervous and can be confused in words. The task of the manager is to relieve tension and predispose to the conversation, revealing the weak and strong sides of the applicant.

2. For each workplace, the human resources specialist shall draw up a special professiogram to determine what professional skills and knowledge an applicant should possess.

3. The presence of socio-psychological knowledge for the manager of staff is mandatory. In this way, he will be able to create a favorable climate among the employees of the organization.

4. Do not do without knowledge of records management and labor legislation.

As you can see, the Human Resources Manager is entrusted withresponsible tasks of the company. From his professional knowledge and skills depends on the development of the company. As you know, the success of the organization is influenced by its employees.

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