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Day of the manager in Russia

Day manager, which marks the firstNovember, in our country began to celebrate relatively recently. But after all, the profession of the manager itself can not boast of an ancient origin. She stood out from a number of other employment studies only in the late 90's, but even then the first managers did not claim to celebrate their own day. However time passed, the number of representatives of management grew ... And today these hard workers are no less than cashiers, or, say, accountants.

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In a separate profession,managers. The main task of these specialists is to plan the workflow so that each of its phases is carried out in a timely, competent and efficient manner. Project management is called our future: after all, it allows us to create new products and open wide horizons in many spheres of life.

And the third Wednesday of every September is the officialthe HR manager's day, or the day of the HR manager. Such specialists existed even in the Soviet times, however, they were called personnel officers. The duties of these people included making the appropriate entries in the work books, making decisions about sending for a deserved rest, drafting job descriptions and other non-dusty occupations.

Modern staff managers decide at allother tasks. Their powers are much broader. And they include concern for the effectiveness of each employee of the company. A real manager knows that the main thing in any work is the final result. And the way to achieve it is good motivation. It is her who creates the HR manager: with the help of bonus incentives, penalties, exhaustive job descriptions, etc.

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Any good manager is a subtle psychologist and a competent politician. That's why on the Day of the manager, employees remember not only the business, but also the personal qualities of these people.

To date, the manager's profession has acquiredwide meaning. In many industries, managers are called and sellers in the department of home appliances, and consultants in car dealerships, and employees of travel agencies. Therefore, the interpretation of the holiday itself can be different. Somewhere they celebrate the day of the sales manager, somewhere officially celebrate the day of the head of the work link.

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But in most cases, the manager's dayunique for all. Accept congratulations from friends and colleagues consider it their own duty to all professionals who have this post in the work book. And it does not matter what a particular manager does - sells cell phones or manages a pharmacy, accepts orders for household chemicals or manages the fate of personnel in production. For each of them, such qualities as comprehensiveness, sociability, the ability to make quick decisions, and resistance to stress are equally important. And if you are a qualified manager, we wish you on your professional holiday only warm congratulations from colleagues and a brilliant advance, both in life and on the career ladder. Happy manager to you!

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