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Vsevolod Garshin, a fairy tale "Frog Traveler": a brief summary of the work, a plot, heroes

Many still know the story from childhood"Frog traveler". The summary of the work will remind readers of forgotten episodes. Then you can flaunt your knowledge in the lesson of literature, guess the crossword question associated with VM Garshin's name, his work.

Frog Traveler

Biography of the author of the story

Wrote this little prose creationVsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin. "Frog Traveler" was created by him in 1887, and a year later the life of this young man was cut short. It so happened that this creation was his last work. But first things first.

Vsevolod Mikhailovich was born in 1855, 2February, in the estate Pleasant Valley. Now this place is in the Donetsk region. Disorders of the psyche, which he later suffered, are related to the family drama that Garshin survived, while still a child, as well as with other sad events.

The writer began publishing in 1877,he made his debut with the story "Four Days", which brought him fame. One of his most famous stories is "Red Flower". But not only adults were addressed to his works. He composed a fairy tale about a palm tree that tears to the sun through a greenhouse roof and dies from the cold. The works "What was not", "The Frog Traveler" (the summary of the latter here is presented) are also created for children. But adults also have much to learn from these stories.

Unlike its creator, the floating cuckoowill land on the ground unharmed. The height was disastrous for the writer. In 1888 his mental illness became aggravated, a severe depression pushed Garshin to desperate deed, he committed suicide by rushing into a flight of stairs.

Garshin frog traveler summary

Remained his works, loved by many. One of them is "The Frog Traveler", the brief content of which you will learn right now.

A measured life in a pond

In one swamp lived, not knowing the special concerns andhassle, frog. She ate enough - ate mosquitoes, mosquitoes, which here were kept in sufficient quantities. In the spring, like other frogs, she loudly croaked, rejoicing at such an existence. So would continue to exist the existence of the cuckoo, if not for one event, which became significant not only for it. Thanks to this occasion, the frog has received the nickname Frog-Traveler. A brief summary of this is also provided.

Cute frog

One day the heroine of the fairy tale tookwater bath. She was sitting in her pond on the snag. Her body was in the swamp, and her head was poking out. There was a fine warm rain. The frog really liked this weather. She was blissful and happy with a great day, she talked about how wonderful it is to live in the world.

Garshin the frog traveler

Thanks to this scene you can learn about the exteriorcuckoo. Here is how Garshin describes her: the frog-traveler was pretty pretty, the backrest is mottled and allegedly polished. When the rain this effect intensified, the inhabitant of the swamp looked brilliant. Such a measured life would continue and if fate did not push the toad with the ducks flying by.

Fateful meeting

There was a whistling sound in the air - hiswings of the birds. When representatives of this breed soared upwards or fell down, waving their wings, they cut their air so strongly that it was accompanied by a sound similar to a song.

It so happened that the ducks landed on thata swamp where the goggle-eyed beauty lived. The mallards said that they need to rest and refresh themselves. Just in case the toad dived into the water and hid under the snag. But curiosity prevailed, she wondered where and where these birds fly. Then she poked her head out and listened, and the ducks began to talk even louder.

What did she learn from their conversation? This will tell a brief tale content. The frog-traveler heard how the lionfish lamented the weather. They said that it was getting very cold and you had better fly south. The main character became even more curious. She knew that ducks would not eat her, because she was so big, so she should not have been afraid of them.

a fairy tale

What is good in the south? Opinion of ducks

Kvakushka turned to new friends very muchkindly. At first she said she was sorry, because she interfered in someone else's conversation. After a laconic introduction, the mistress of the marsh asked what the south is. At the moment, this was her main interest. The ducks did not hide, they told that it was very good in the south and now it's warm there. Even more, they kindled the interlocutor's interest in this place, saying that there are beautiful warm swamps. On the frog's question about food, they answered that there are just clouds of mosquitoes and midges.

This even more interested frog-traveler. The heroes of the story of the mallard continued to tell us about this glorious place. They said that there was just a whole kingdom of these insects.

Beautiful manners of the tree frog

Intrigued by such a wonderful place, Toadgrew bolder and asked the ducks to take her with them. Apparently, the frog was very well-bred, since, referring to them, called the gentlemen. If we recall that at the beginning of the conversation she had asked for an apology for her invasion, then this argument is confirmed.

But not only beautiful manners differedshe was a very intelligent woman. This can be seen by reading the story "Frog Traveler". The summary in our paraphrase can not bypass this fact.

Turning to the masters of ducks, she asked,that they take her with them to the south. They looked at each other in perplexity and reasonably inquired how they could do it, because the cuckoo does not have wings. Then mallards zasobiralsya in the way, they began to repeat that in these places so cold, and they want heat, so you need to fly faster to the south.

The desire of a frog to fall into such a beautiful landwas so great that she asked to give her quite a bit of time to think. She began to persuade the birds, so they waited for her only 5 minutes, and during this time she will certainly think of something.

An ingenious invention of a marshland inhabitant

story frog traveler summary

Without waiting for the answer of the mallards, she jumped off the driftwood, on which she sat, into the water. Burrowing deep into the mud, the amphibian gave himself over to the thought process.

Time was up, mallards already wanted to fly away, but in thisa moment the toad emerged. What did she come up with? About this very second tells a brief tale content. The frog-traveler was very pleased, and this joy reflected on her face. She said she thought of how to fly with the ducks.

Toad suggested that 2 mallards take in beaksedge of the twig, and it will catch it with the mouth in the middle. Only it is important that no one during the flight open his mouth - she would not croak, and ducks would not quack. They appreciated the mind of a new acquaintance and began to exclaim joyfully. Of course, they had a hard time, because the toad was not small, but the interest in the new enterprise prevailed, all unanimously approved the plan of the inhabitant of the swamp.

It was necessary to fly 3 thousand versts. Then it was decided to change the pair every 2 hours, because it is not easy all the time for the two birds to keep silent and carry the load. Here is an interesting plot invented VM Garshin.

"Frog Traveler": a short tale of a beautiful flight

frog traveler review

It's decided - done. The frog grasped at the rod, and the ducks soared high. At first the amphibian was captured by the spirit. A pair of ducks flew not very smoothly, so the toad had to squeeze its jaws hard so as not to fall. But she was not only smart, pretty, but also bold, and therefore soon got used to her new position, she began to look around with pleasure.

She admired the mountains, rivers, meadows, fields,over which lay the air way of the pack. The review was incomplete, she saw only the rear view and a little above, but this was enough for the traveler to be proud of herself. She was very pleased with how she thought of everything. Here also the birds began to praise her, saying how clever she is, that not every duck is so.

A fall. Garshin, The Frog Traveler

Brief summary of the final. So the flock flew all day, a couple of birds changed right on the fly. Kvakushka saw that people point at them with their fingers and say something. She wanted so much to know exactly what. Then at halt she asked her companions to fly lower, they met her request. From such a height, the marsh beauty heard people admiring what they saw. They were curious to know who cleverly came up with this. By that time the frog-traveler was filled with boundless pride, the tip that sounded from her lips interrupted the flight. Unable to remain silent any longer, she responded, shouting that she had invented it, and at the same time flew to the ground, but did not break, as she fell into a dirty pond.

frog traveler heroes

And left the cuckoo to live in that pond,told the inhabitants of the swamp that she was in the beautiful south, and flied there on her own ducks. She said that the mallards would return for her, but they did not arrive, because they thought that she had crashed.

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