/ / An interesting fairy tale and its brief content. "Cinderella" - a wonderful story with a happy ending

An interesting fairy tale and its brief content. "Cinderella" - a wonderful story with a happy ending

An interesting tale is described in the article, its brief content is given. Cinderella, whose history is known, probably to everyone, is loved by all the children in the world. Let me remind you again about what is said in this work.

Part one of a fairy tale with a happy ending


In childhood, we all read fairy tales: about Snow White and the seven dwarfs, about the fisherman and the goldfish, about the Little Mermaid and about the Snow Queen. Let's remember together another wonderful story and its brief content. Cinderella is one of the heroines most loved by children. She is hardworking and patient, kind, beautiful and cheerful.

In one fairy-tale kingdom there lived a lumberjack withhis little daughter. His wife died, and he soon married a woman with two daughters. Stepmother immediately disliked her stepdaughter and began to offend her, load her with work. But Cinderella patiently endured everything, worked quickly and with a song, never complained.

In the same kingdom there lived a king who dreamed ofto marry his son-prince. In order to find him a decent bride, organized a ball, which invited all unmarried girls over sixteen. The stepmother and her daughters also began to gather and promised Cinderella to take her with them to the ball. But she deceived the stepdaughter: on a solemn day she left with her husband and her daughters to the palace, and Cinderella loaded her work. For the first time in her life the girl burst into tears. And then a miracle happened - before her appeared a fairy, her godmother ...

Part Two: To each according to his merits


Let's continue to recall the fairy tale and its briefcontent. Cinderella received a gift from her godmother: she magically made all the work of the girl, then turned the pumpkin into a carriage, mice into horses, a rat into a coachman, the old clothes of her goddaughter - in a wonderful ball gown and handed her crystal shoes. "You must return home before midnight," warned the fairy Cinderella, "then all the magic will disappear."

The girl had a great time at the ball: she danced a lot, liked all the guests, and the prince immediately fell in love with her and wanted to marry. But then the clock began to beat midnight, and our heroine was forced to escape. On the way, she lost one of the crystal shoes. On this shoe the prince found his chosen one and married her. And the evil stepmother and daughters were kicked out of the kingdom. That's all the summary. "Cinderella" is a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Other works of the author

We remembered a wonderful story, its briefcontent. "Cinderella" (Charles Perrault is its author) is not the only work of the storyteller. He wrote such tales: "Little Red Riding Hood," "Cat in Boots," "Boy with a finger," "Sleeping Beauty." Each of them is like children, it tells how good conquers evil.

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