/ F.A. Abramov "Pelagia": a summary, the plot and the main characters of the story

F. Abramov "Pelagia": a summary, the plot and the main characters of the story

Many works were created by the Russian writer F.A. Abramov: "Pelageya" (a brief summary of the story can be found in this article), "Pathways-Crossroads", "Woman in the Sands" and others. In each of these works, the author reflects on the difficult fate of a common man from the people.

In more detail, consider the story of "Pelagia".

Simple life

Outwardly, the life of the protagonist is monotonous. It is filled with hard work, caring for loved ones. Pelageya lives with her husband and daughter, who is just finishing school. He works in a bakery. Her husband is ill, so all the homework is on her shoulders.

Pelageya should also perform all work on the au pair, and follow her daughter, and take care of her husband, and bake a stove.

All her days are filled with this work.

The daughter does not please the woman. She refuses to help her in the household, her village life is burdensome, but she likes entertainment and communication with friends and young people.

Here is the main storyline of the novel FA. Abramov "Pelageya", the brief content of which we have considered.

abragov pelagaya

What happens to the main character next?

The result of the life of Pelageya Amosova is just as sad as the fate of her husband. An early death awaits her. The reasons for such a sad ending to the fate of this village woman are many.

F. Abramov "Pelagia": the main characters and the story line

Pelageya Amosova loses everything, than a vein. Her husband falls ill even more and eventually dies. The daughter disappears from the house. Apparently, the girl falls in love with a young officer and leaves with him to the city, she does not write to the mother, she does not want to communicate with her somehow.

Pelagia is losing her job. Loneliness, forced idleness and lack of money burden her.

Many people wanted to tell FA readers in their story. Abramov. "Pelageya", the brief content of which can be found on one typewritten page, is a sad story about women's fate.

The final death

The main heroine of anguish starts to hurt. And she could not do this. I'm used to taking care of a sick husband, taking care of my daughter, working hard. Now she and her work were not needed by anyone.

Gradually, the life force leaves the heroine. And she quietly and joylessly passed away.

abram pelageya protagonists

This story is little known today, and yet init has a deep meaning. The author tells us a simple story about a man of labor, a woman for whom concern for others became the meaning of life. Losing this meaning, the main character loses her life.

We have considered the work of F.A. Abramov's "Pelagia", a short summary, the story and heroes of which tell us about a simple but so familiar situation for each of us.

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