/ How to make purchases on ebay. Step by step mini instructions

How to shop on ebay. Step by step mini instructions

Internet auction ebay allows the userit is easy to carry out sales transactions with the help of a personal computer and the Internet. In the modern world, with a constant shortage of time, it is very convenient: to buy or sell something without getting up.

This resource has an intuitiveinterface. The buyer and seller can communicate with each other almost the same way as in reality. Other possibilities, such as fast payment of bargains, discounts on goods and delivery, only speed up the desire to learn how to shop on ebay.

Deal on a virtual auction. Stages

Consider the details of the transaction online. How to order on ebay and with what, in fact, to make payment?

1. Make sure that you own an active MasterCard or Visa card. Your account balance must also be sufficient to complete the preferred transaction. To understand how to buy on ebay from Russia, you can create an account in the PayPal payment system and make payment using the specified payment system.

2. Then you need to register at ebay.com auction. On the main page of the resource, click the Register button to go through the registration steps.

3. Fill in the registration form with the correct information, as each transaction will be processed with confirmation to your e-mail. If there is a mobile phone, it is recommended to indicate its number, as certain goods will come to your address, and, probably, you will be called up.

4. The next stage in understanding how to make purchases on ebay is the indication of a reliable postal code. After all, most paid orders are delivered to regional mail as a parcel post. Their initials (name, surname) should be indicated in Latin in the mode of transliteration.

5. Payment for purchases is usually made through a Paypal account. Having registered in this system, it is possible to attach a Visa or Mastercard bank card to your virtual account, including the accounts for which wages are received. It is recommended to enable control over transactions of your Paypal balance. Information about incoming and outgoing transactions can be received in the form of messages to the phone.

6. Now about shopping. How can I make purchases on ebay in the desired product category? To do this, the resource provides a mechanism for searching both by product types and by key queries.

7. In addition, you can find a certain person or company that offers goods by login. All requests are entered in English-language symbols and phrases. For example, to look for clothing you need to enter cloth, dishes - dishes, etc. Requests can be expanded with a clarifying phrase or search for products from top manufacturers.

8. Also on ebay you can specify the conditions under which the search will be performed. Among the selection criteria - the region or geography of the location of the object of acquisition, the search for prices.

9. All transactions are made taking into account the so-called bargaining. The rate of the bets on the goods and the initial prices are set by its owner. Usually the winner of the auction is the person who offered the largest possible bid.

10. Also, in the context of describing how to make purchases on ebay, one should also take into account the possibility of acquiring a thing at a fixed cost. In this case, simply click on the Buy It Now interface (buy it now) and you will be taken to the payment page where the indicated cost of the purchased product will be written off.

Choosing this or that thing, pay attention togeotargeting delivery. Not all sellers send the selected product to certain countries. Also, the cost of shipping a thing can be higher than its cost. Therefore, the factors of pricing should be taken into account when making auction transactions. It is better to agree on all the nuances related to payment and forwarding in advance.

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