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EBay Resellers in Russia and reviews about them

Online shopping - part of the life of modernrights. Today, on the Internet, it's easy to place an order for a certain amount and pay for it. Great popularity among Russian buyers are used by such trading platforms as AliExpress and eBay. Buying on eBay through intermediaries is a profitable transaction that simplifies delivery and payment.


Mediators on eBay help to make profitablesuccessful bid, received from the transaction settled percentage. The eBay Internet site is one of the most popular. It is advantageous to place an order here, and it is positioned as an online auction. Buyers themselves set a price, which in the end turns out to be fixed. The task of intermediaries is to create the most comfortable conditions for the purchase of goods.

The sequence of actions is as follows: buyers add to the basket the goods they like, deposit the required amount into the account of their intermediary, and he, in turn, makes a purchase for the customer of the auction (communicates with the seller, orders and checks the goods, sometimes opens the dispute).

ebay resellers

The buyer on eBay only chooses, pays andreceives the order. In order to make a purchase on eBay, you need knowledge of English or German, as well as certain skills in trading platforms (ability to pay for online order, choose delivery, register an account, etc.). All these nuances are solved by intermediary companies. Sometimes it's hard to do without them.

One of the main problems faced byeven experienced buyers, is the delivery of goods. It can be limited, that is, the order is not delivered to this or that region of Russia. Intermediaries often have offices in different countries of the world, where the goods come, and they already send it to the buyer.

EBay dealers also solve the problem of paying for the order, if the method offered by the seller is not available. In this case, the buyer replenishes the account of the intermediary, who then deals with the goods.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mediators eBay - an ideal option for those who like to shop in foreign online stores and wants to save on delivery.

  • Intermediary companies independently negotiate with the seller, analyzing any conflict situations.
  • The customer receives a quality product, which is checked by the intermediary.
  • The buyer independently chooses the delivery and its terms.
  • Intermediaries combine several orders into one, reducing the cost of delivery.
  • The average commission of the service is 10% of the price of the goods.
  • Intermediaries work with various online stores anywhere in the world.
  • Intermediary companies make bets independently in automatic mode.

These companies still have disadvantages:

  • some long process the order;
  • high interest rates;
  • long delivery;
  • really encounter with scammers.

ebay intermediaries in Russia

How to choose

When choosing an intermediary to buy from eBay, turnattention to his reputation. It's good if the service has been working for more than ten years and it has a lot of positive feedback. Choose those companies that offer their services in Russia and interact directly with eBay.

Studying customer feedback is one of the criteriathe right choice. However, it should be noted that the reviews do not always reflect the truth. The best option is to check the intermediary. Try through the company to order in the online store some small thing. If problems with payment and delivery do not arise, then in the future you can use the services of the company to make larger transactions.

Buying on eBay even with the mediation commissionprofitable. Prices in the online store are fixed, which means that delivery through the company will be significantly lower than directly. Often, a product purchased in a foreign online store is cheaper than delivery. The mediators successfully solve this problem by taking on all the complex issues.

an intermediary of delivery with ebay

Payment and delivery

The delivery agent with eBay performs an importantfunction, incidentally solving the main problem of buying abroad. Delivery of an order from an auction is not always free. With the help of an intermediary, you can form one large parcel of several, which is much more profitable. Mediators accept goods in their warehouse, sort them, group them into one parcel and ship to the customer. This happens if one buyer orders several products in different online stores.

Thus, delivery through an intermediary goes outcheaper, because the buyer pays an intermediary company that solves all other issues. Payment is made with the help of a bank card, electronic services and wallets.

an intermediary for buying on ebay


A mediator for a purchase on eBay is often necessary. It is especially relevant if a Russian buyer makes an order on US or European Internet sites.

Reliable intermediaries include the following companies:

  • "The barriers.no "works in the market for ten years, offers services for payment, delivery of orders from foreign online shops .The mediator communicates with the seller, makes bets, draws up customs certificates and much more.
  • Shopozz.ru - the largest Russian service, which operates on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. He deals with the purchase and delivery of orders from foreign online stores. Plus an intermediary - a small commission (only 7%).
  • "Your Mediator.ru" works directly with eBay, as well as European and American stores. Combines the parcels from different outlets into one, so the buyer benefits from saving.
  • AlfaParcel.com - convenient and inexpensive service. Employees of this intermediary company buy and deliver goods from the eBay auction. Accepts electronic payments.

buying on ebay through intermediaries


EBay intermediaries in Russia work on profitableconditions, but before you make a deal, study the foreign experience of communication between buyers and intermediary companies. Judging by the reviews, the mediators are the ideal solution if there are difficulties with the order. Plus, that today there are a lot of reliable companies that take the minimum price for work. The maximum delivery time is one month.

Disadvantages of ordering through an intermediary - the opportunityencounter fraud, pay for the goods, but do not receive it. The disadvantages are also the lengthy processing of the order. Buyers say that sometimes the wrong product is ordered. Many eBay users recommend contacting the following brokering companies: eBaytoday, Pochtoy, Alfaparcel.

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