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How much does the delivery from "Ebay" of different things cost?

"Ebay" is a universal online auction,known throughout the world, where you can buy almost everything. "Ebey" - an auction that is popular in many countries of the world, but still the most widespread it was in the United States. However, Russians can also indulge themselves with shopping at this auction, although they will have to be ordered through an intermediary. And at the order of everyone always cares the vital question: "How much does the delivery with Ebay cost?". Many have heard of constantly floating amounts and believe that this is a fraud. In fact, everything is different: the transfer of goods from "Ebay" has three main criteria that directly affect its value.

Place of delivery

First of all, you need to pay attention to what is the destination, that is, your place of residence.

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When calculating how much is shipping from"Ebay", this parameter plays an extremely important role. For US residents, the price will make a penny, but Russia separates the whole ocean from America, so the order can cost a round sum. Russians should consider this factor, and if there is a desire to order something on "Ebay", then think carefully about your order. It is not worth buying a thing that is cheaper than the amount of shipping, it is better to make a list of more, save money and purchase properly as one time to save on transportation of goods.

Delivery services

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Also an important role is played by delivery services,who cooperate with "Ebay". Not all services work with this online auction, and each intermediary has its own list of similar services, among which you will have to choose. So when you think about how much it costs to deliver from "Ebay", then first find a reliable intermediary, and then choose the most convenient service for you. They can differ both in the prices for the services provided themselves and in the terms of their provision. So do not immediately choose the cheapest service, it can, for example, deliver your package within a few months, while a more expensive office will promptly provide you with your purchases.

Size and weight

But the most important factor that plays a role in deciding how much the delivery costs from "Ebay" is, of course, the size and weight of the product that will be delivered to you.

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Here everything is extremely simple: the larger the commodity, the greater the amount, and, accordingly, the higher the parcel, the more you will have to pay. This factor directly depends on what kind of delivery service you have chosen to transport the goods you ordered. Each service has its own prices and its differentiation of weight: in one office you can take more if the parcel is heavier than 3 kilograms, and in the other it is heavier than five. So the success of your order at the auction "Ebay" in the US depends largely on which company to provide the services you have chosen. If you constantly make orders for this auction, then in time, determine what service will be best for you. But if you still need to allocate the average cost of transporting goods purchased from Ebay from America to Russia, then you should expect at least $ 40 - in many companies that work with this auction, this amount is listed as the minimum allowable. But for those who do not want to contact the American Internet auction, there is also the Chinese "Ebey" - the prices there are lower, of course, there are fewer problems with delivery, but the quality of the goods, compared to the American ones, leaves much to be desired.

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