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Charlotte with cinnamon and apples: recipe

The recipe for apple pie in its arsenal has,perhaps, every mistress. However, not all culinary experts know that this dessert can be made even more delicious by adding aromatic cinnamon to it. This will give the cake a flavor and an unforgettable aroma. We suggest today to learn together how to prepare such a dessert as a charlotte with cinnamon and apples. We give a few recipes for both the oven and the multivark.

charlotte with cinnamon and apples

Charlotte with apples and cinnamon: recipe

This dessert is prepared very quickly and simply. In order to pamper the household with this pie, we need the following products: flour and sugar - 1 glass, three eggs, soda and salt - one pinch. From these ingredients we will make dough. For the filling you will need apples of medium size - 4-5 pieces, a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and a tablespoon of ground cinnamon. In addition, we need a little sunflower oil to lubricate the baking dish.

charlotte with apples and cinnamon recipe

Cooking process

We begin to make a dough. For this, we break the eggs into a bowl. Add salt and sugar. Beat well with a mixer. Pre-sifted flour fall asleep to the egg-sugar mass. Adding the soda. Thanks to this ingredient, our charlotte with cinnamon and apples will be lush and airy. Stir the dough to a homogeneous consistency.

Now let's deal with the filling. I clean my apples and, if necessary, peel. Then cut them into small pieces, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, mix. After this, we lubricate the baking dish and pour out half the dough. From above there will be a layer from an apple filling, and then again we add the remained dough. We send the dessert to the oven. Bake our charlotte with cinnamon and apples will be about half an hour at 180 degrees. The final cooking time depends on the particular oven. Also remember that in the baking process it is advisable not to open the oven. Ready-made dessert will only cool a little, if desired, decorate (for example, powdered sugar) and serve. Bon Appetit!

Charlotte with apples and cinnamon in the multivark

If you are among the lucky ones withsuch a kitchen wonder-helper, you probably already tried to cook with her a lot of dishes - from soups to desserts. Today we propose to learn how to make an apple charlotte with cinnamon in a multivariate. Baking will turn out to be very gentle, airy and fragrant and surely will please all members of your family.

 charlotte with apples and cinnamon in the multivark

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To make this delicious dessert, weyou will need ingredients from the following list: a pound of apples, four eggs, one glass of sugar and flour, a bag of baking powder, 0.5 teaspoon of cinnamon and salt.


We start cooking with the dough. In a bowl, break the eggs, fall asleep sugar. All the good whisk. The more magnificent the mass is, the airier will be the ready charlotte with cinnamon and apples. After that, fall asleep sifted flour, salt, baking powder and cinnamon. Knead the dough. Consistency, it should resemble thick sour cream. Now take care of the filling for our charlotte. To do this, you only need to wash the apples, peel them from the peel, cut out the core and finely chop. At the same time leave one fruit in reserve. The resulting filling is put into the dough and mixed.

We lubricate the bowl of the multivark oil and a littlesprinkle with sugar. The remaining apple is cut into thin slices. Beautifully put them on the bottom of the cup multivark. On top carefully fill the dough and evenly distribute. Prepared charlotte will be in baking mode for 1 hour. Then there will be only a little to cool it and take out of the cup multivark. Delicious dessert is ready!

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