/ Carp stuffed, baked in the oven. Recipes and Recommendations

Carp stuffed, baked in the oven. Recipes and Recommendations

Fish is always a very tasty dish. And if it is also properly prepared - this is the key to success and pride of any mistress. Especially when it comes to such a complex recipe as carp stuffed, baked in the oven.

There are a number of recommendations for the selection and processing of semi-finished products.

First, when choosing fish, one should keep in mind,that the best is a carcass weighing up to a half kilogram, but not less than eight hundred grams. In the first case, the dish from carp will be very fat, in the second bony.

Secondly, it is very necessary to ripAbdomen to avoid spilling of bile. Moreover, after all the insides and scales have been removed, it is necessary to rinse the fish under running water so that there is no bitterness and the smell of mud. It's enough to have a small piece of entrails inside on the ridge, and this can spoil the whole dish with an unpleasant aftertaste and smell.

Now you can start cooking. So, carp, baked in the oven - the recipe is classic. It will be necessary to clean the carcass, cut the fins and cut the gills; carefully wash it. Then rub with a mixture of pepper, mayonnaise and salt; wrapped in greased foil and bake in preheated oven for about forty minutes. Then you can directly in the foil and serve on the table.

You can cook and dishes such as carpstuffed, baked in the oven. Here in such execution of variants there can be a huge variety, depending on what your tastes and culinary preferences are.

So, you can stuff a carcass athelp fried with salt finely chopped onions. Next, it is necessary to lay the filling in the abdomen and well sprinkle it with a ground mixture of peppers. The foil is greased with grease, a fish is placed on it, on which fried golden rings of onions are placed. Carefully wrap the envelope and put it on the bake. Time will vary depending on the size of the carp. That's all, carp stuffed, baked in the oven is ready, you can serve on the table.

It was an easy way to prepare this fish. You can offer a more sophisticated, but also more delicious and flavorful version of the dish - carp stuffed, baked in the oven with buckwheat and mushrooms. To prepare such a treat you need a fish carcass about 1.5 kilograms, grease it with a mixture of pepper and salt; leave a little lie in the fridge. At this time, put the buckwheat groats (as usual), as well as fry the champignon slices with chopped onions. Mushrooms mix with porridge and fill it with the abdomen of carp, which then need to be stabbed with toothpicks. Now put the remaining porridge on the greased foil, fish on it, grease it with mayonnaise and wrap the foil with the envelope. The dish will be ready in forty minutes. It turns out well, it's very tasty: the porridge will be saturated with the aroma and fat of fish, having absorbed the surplus of it, and the fish will be simply amazingly juicy.

As fillings can act alsovarious vegetables like stew (for example, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and zucchini), and sauerkraut (for example, sauerkraut). In any case, the hostess will be able to use as a filling what she has in the fridge.

You can also offer a recipe for baking carp inoven with potatoes. For this dish, you will need a special sleeve, in which you will need to put portions of paprika carp and carp salt, as well as slices of potatoes. Be sure to add the mayonnaise and mix all the ingredients. Prepare this dish will be no more than forty minutes.

But, the most simple and incredibly delicious will becarp, baked in the oven under sour cream. To make it, you need to clean the pickled and pickled fish on a baking tray and pour it completely with a mixture of sour cream and flour. It will turn out juicy and fast.

Bon Appetit!

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