/ Would you like to cook potatoes baked in the oven? All recipes are here!

Do you want to cook the potatoes baked in the oven? All recipes are here!

Each hostess in one way or another encountersa problem: what to feed the guests or their large family. However, there are many original dishes, recipes that can save time on cooking, and also do not hit hard on the budget. Still, overseas shrimps and oysters can not always be affordable. Do not know what to cook? Just look around, because at hand we have exactly what is needed - potatoes. Potatoes baked in the oven - this is an excellent option for lunch and dinner! Take a few tips for armament.

Potatoes baked in the oven do not requirespecial creativity. All that is required of you is to strictly observe the times. First, peel the potatoes from the husk. Rinse it thoroughly under water, preferably warm. Now cut the potatoes in circles. This can be done manually or by using a special machine. Cut the sliced ​​potatoes on a greased baking sheet, and then add salt and seasonings to taste. Prepare the dish for about an hour on a small fire. High temperature is undesirable, because the potato will turn out to be very dry. However, there are still many recipes for baked potatoes.

To make the dish more gentle, you canto cook the potatoes baked in the oven entirely. Cut the raw potatoes in the center, not cutting to the end. In the cuts, insert thin slices of ham and cheese. Wrap each potato in foil and bake in the oven before cooking. Cheese and ham will give the potato a special flavor about the stunning taste. The potatoes will turn out very delicate. You can also cook potatoes baked in the oven in a peel. After all, sometimes you want to feel like sitting in a forest by the fire. Potatoes in uniform - this is a reminder of our childhood, pioneer times, hikes and gatherings around the fire.

In order to surprise guests with originality,you can cook potatoes in the oven with cream. This dish is prepared very simply. Sliced ​​slices are laid out in layers. Each layer is filled with cream and salt. Potatoes require a longer cooking, but the taste is very interesting and unusual. The dish is something like a casserole.

There are many ways to preparetraditional Slavic dishes. Many girls like to cook potatoes baked in the oven in pots. Perhaps, this is one of the simplest recipes. All that is required of you is to fill the pot with slices of potatoes, and you can also add mushrooms and meat. After the potatoes are cooked and blushed, you can sprinkle it with cheese. The cheese will melt and cover the potatoes with a golden crust. You can also add mayonnaise or sauce to make the dish more spicy.

Potatoes can not only be baked in the oven, but alsofry. This will take approximately the same amount of time. There is one simple and very delicious potato recipe for frying. Cut the sliced ​​potatoes with curry seasoning and salt. Cook your dish on a heated frying pan. You will be surprised, because the potatoes will turn out very tasty and beautiful. His golden color will raise appetite and mood. And what curry gives the flavor! You can add meat to the potatoes, preferably chicken. Fish also fits well with potatoes. In a word, our second bread really can please the guests. After all, from such an ordinary product you can prepare such a variety of dishes!

Serving your dish to the table, do not be lazyto prepare a fresh vegetable salad. Tomatoes and cucumbers perfectly complement the potatoes. While preparing dishes from potatoes, you get not only original dishes, but also useful ones. After all, potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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