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What does it mean to spill sugar?

In ancient times, people created signs totransfer their experience to future generations. However, they were not the result of fictions and conjectures: signs were born on the basis of inferences and observations. If any event constantly followed another event, a person noticed this relationship and made appropriate conclusions. One of such beliefs, which reached our days from ancestors, is a sign "to scatter sugar."

Spilled sugar to wealth

Since time immemorial, sugar is a symbola comfortable and sweet life. If the house had this product, then the family was not poor. It was then that the belief developed that if a person spills sugar on a table, this means that in the future he will find wealth, big profits and financial prosperity. At the same time it does not matter how it happened, it is important only how much of it was spilled. So, as the sign says, sprinkle sugar a handful - to a small one-time profit, for example, you can expect that you will find money on the street or win a small amount in a dispute or a lottery. And if you wake up a lot of sweet sand, it already heralds a serious and permanent income. There is even a belief that if you buy a bag of sugar bursts, you should expect sudden wealth from an unexpected source.

Why scatter sugar? To love!

A primer to sprinkle sugar

But if the sugar spilled onto the floor, and it happenedbecause of the girl, then the sign acquires a slightly different interpretation. In this case, it can mean one thing - a quick love affair. At the same time, people believed that everything depends on the status of the fair sex. So, if a woman is unmarried, then the spill of sugar will promise her a quick acquaintance with a man, which then leads to a wedding. If the lady is already married, the spilled sand indicates that her family life with her husband will be long and happy, free from misunderstandings. In addition, according to some sources, spilled granulated sugar increases the sexual attraction between husband and wife. Well, in case if by negligence the white sweetness was awakened by a very young girl, then very soon she would be invited to a date.

Do not rush to remove sugar

Folk signs of sprinkling sugar

Thus, the promise to scatter sugar promisesa careless person is only good: happiness, wealth, prosperity, love and a happy marriage. In this case, according to the belief, after the sugar woke up, do not immediately run after a rag or broom. Before you start cleaning, you need to wait at least 5 minutes, only after that you can remove the spilled sugar. It is important to note that in no case should you throw away the collected remains of sugar in the trash can, you can only sweep it to the scoop and take it out on to the street. It is believed that otherwise the sign does not work, and you deprive yourself of the possible wealth.

And if you spilled the salt?

Why spill sugar?

More popular today is the belief,concerning the scattered salt. And if, as people say, spilling sugar is something good, foreshadowing love and happiness, then in the case of salt, it's the other way around. The person who spilled salt, is waiting for a lot of troubles, quarrels and troubles. And the thing is that salt was once a very expensive product that could only be brought from across the sea. To put salt shaker on the table, people could afford only on holidays, so spilled expensive salt negatively influenced the atmosphere in the house.

But each feature has its own antiprim,It allows you to get rid of the negative consequences of its commission. Therefore, if you still poured salt, but do not want to quarrel with anyone or get into trouble, you will again benefit from "happy" sugar: take three of its pinches and sprinkle with sprinkled salt.

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