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Sign: to stumble on the right foot. What means?

The signs were the constant companions of a man withancient times. In process of the development the folk culture supplemented these or other signs with a mass of details allowing to examine and interpret this or that fate-sent sign in the most detailed manner.

It is not surprising that such a simple sign as stumbling will be treated differently, based on the actual day of the week, the foot with which the person stumbled, or even the scene of the accident.

What does it mean to stumble on the right foot? The sign is not very good. This will be discussed in the article.

signs of stumbling on your right foot on Saturday

Origin of the omens

Do you believe that in life something has changedcan the usual sign? Stumble on your right foot - wait for failure. Where did this come from? According to historical information, people began to attach importance to this fad in the distant past, when each male representative rode horseback. It was believed that a healthy and strong horse always goes exactly and thereby promises only good to its owner. The same animal that stumbles on a flat place, absolutely accurately predicts the owner of any trouble. Ancient people believed that through stumbling, some obstacle was expressed, committed by representatives of otherworldly forces.

A little later, the significance of this notion began to be considered exclusively in relation to people. Interesting is the fact that the greatest attention was paid to stumbling on the right leg.

stumble on the right leg

Sign: to stumble on the right foot. What does it mean?

Proceeding from the fact that stumbling in principleis considered a kind of sign of obstacles, a tradition has been formed in people's culture to make a sign of the cross over them in order to avoid any negative consequences. In this case, of course, you need to consider which leg "failed" the person on the way. The left leg was traditionally considered an "unfortunate" party, and stumbling on it seemed to protect it from failure and promised success in any business. The right leg, from the times of Ancient Rus, associated with everything good and bright, in this case invariably foreshadowed any trouble, comparable in intensity to that of a black cat running across the road.

Sign: to stumble on the right leg - to wait for trouble. Is this statement correct? According to popular beliefs, through his right leg, which stumbles from scratch, the guardian angel interacts with the person, warning of a failure in business or discouraging one or another of the actions. It is worth paying attention to the thoughts that circled in the head at the moment when there was a trouble: perhaps, thoughtful in advance is doomed to failure or is evil thoughts. The interpretation is also widespread: higher forces through the right limb dissuade from going to the destination, at least today. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to postpone the planned for another day.

stumble upon the right leg

Signs: stumble on your right foot on Saturday

Traditionally in Russian culture Saturday and Tuesdayare considered light and "light" days, whereas all other days are considered "heavy" from the point of view of work load or energy of the significant events that occurred these days. Proceeding from this, stumbling on the right foot in such an energetically positive day as Saturday is a rather formidable sign. A widespread version of such an unpleasant incident is a broken heart, treachery of someone from whom one can not expect betrayal. In more modern collections of interpretations will take - to change a loved one - physical or spiritual.

What does it mean to stumble on the right leg? The sign promises business or business trouble in their affairs. Stumbling on the right leg can be interpreted as a warning about the unfairness of business partners, cooperation with which, for sure, will end sadly.

stumble upon the right leg

Ways to avoid the promised

In addition to the above-described transfer of meetings or cases to another day, there are other ways to avoid the intended negative.

If a stumbling on the right leg occurred directly on theleaving the dwelling, and there can be no question of transferring things, then, according to folk wisdom, we must return home and look at ourselves in the mirror. A good advice for stumbling on the right foot away from home is all the same sign of the cross and a change of route.

Now you know what the sign means: stumble on your right foot. If the sensation of anxiety does not leave, it is recommended that you read the prayer "Our Father" about yourself. And all will be well. Believe in it!

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