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Why do we dream about snow?

"And why does the snow dream?" I asked one morning, barely opening my eyes. "To the cold," - they laughed at me, - "You shut the window for the night, and then you catch a cold!"

And for some reason it seemed to me that the snow was dreamingit's far from easy, especially in the midst of the booming color of spring. And, hardly having groped with a foot warm and soft house slippers, I slapped to search for the answer in the dream book.

Slipping through a few dream books, I found, inIn general, this dream is very positive, because snow is considered a sign of purity, peace and harmony. To dream of white and fluffy flakes means that it's time to look at the world around you with completely different eyes, or maybe to start living with a blank and white as snow. Snow in a dream is also often associated with virginity and inner cleansing.

If you saw this image on the eve of the trip, the trip will be more than successful, and success is guaranteed to you. Also, snow often dreams of a love meeting or favorable life changes.

But if you saw a huge amount of snow? Why do you dream a lot of snow? "There are a lot of tractions." They say that snow whiteness is a sign of wealth and prosperity, the blizzard will bring to you in the future an unexpected happy ending of difficult affairs. Snow hats on the trees are for luck, and the slopes of the mountains covered with white covers are harbingers of good news. If in a dream you run and play in the snow, or maybe just decided to walk, after enjoying the silence of nature, you will have a pleasant surprise. And in the event that in a dream you were lucky enough to have time to wash or at least wipe yourself with snow, remember: in the near future all your most secret desires will be fulfilled.

In order to properly unravel the secret meaningnight dreams, you need to try, first, to remember thoroughly all the details, and secondly, trying to decipher, take into account the explanations of several sources.

Here, for example, what does the snow dream aboutwomen? According to a special interpreter of dreams, designed exclusively for the weak half of humanity, the white landscape sparkling under the sun says that if before fortune and was not favored to you, now everything will surely change for the better. Although for girls / girls / women, snow is not always considered a good sign. Let's dwell on this moment a little more.

So why does a woman dream of snow?

  • dirty - a signal to the fact that you need to try to pacify pride and reconcile with the vagaries of the arrogant opponent;
  • large flakes / snowballing - quarrel with relatives;
  • to ride on a sleigh - to fight for the chosen one;
  • buran - disappointment and sadness;
  • lost among the snows - a bad dream, predicting a whole series of failures.

In Russia, for a long time, snow, as the weatherthe phenomenon attached great importance. Snow on the fields protected the field crops from freezing, and melted, nourished the earth with life-giving moisture. Let's see what snow is dreaming in accordance with the Russian folk dream book. In general, as one would expect, based on the value of this phenomenon, it is a good sign, foreshadowing profit, laughter, unexpected meeting and even a love meeting. Although the Old Russian interpreters also warn that snow falling, for example, on blossoming flowers or green foliage, will result in failures, stupid quarrels and deception. It seemed that such a thing was happening in fun games and since the childhood of your favorite snowmen, but if you managed to do it in a dream, think about it, perhaps you do not have enough time or courage to do it and now it's time to rethink your life position.

So, let's sum up. In general, with the exception of some few moments, snow dreams of luck, new beginnings, unexpected, pleasant surprises and fulfillment of desires. The dream is positive and joyful, like the first long-awaited snowflakes slowly descending to the city with the arrival of a beautiful winter.

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