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"Falcon" (fungicide): instructions for use and description

Many farmers and gardeners are looking for a long timea universal remedy that would be effective for different plant species in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. One of these agricultural products is the fungicide "Falcon", the instruction for the application of which we will present in expanded form in the material. Let's start with the general.

General information about the preparation

Characterizes instruction for the use of "Falcon"(fungicide) as a unique tool that immediately has a triple effect: therapeutic, preventive and aimed at combating fungal diseases of plants. Its visible actions are as follows:

  • Fighting diseases that are prone to grain.
  • Counteraction to the development of oidium on vines.
  • Protection of the sugar beet harvest.

It is represented by "Falcon" (fungicide) instructionas an emulsion concentrate, packaged in 5-liter plastic cans. Especially for gardeners, gardeners, processing small areas, small bottles of 2, 5, 10 ml are produced.

Falcon Fungicide Instructions for Use

The active ingredients of the preparation are diverse in their chemical characteristics:

  • Spiroxamine (250 grams per liter). Destructive effect on mildewed fungi.
  • Triadimenol (43 g in 1 L) and tebuconazole (167 g per 1 L). Destruction of cell membranes of fungal parasites.

Combined action of the listed componentsis aimed at a synergistic effect in the synthesis of membrane cells of fungal parasites. Another effect of the drug is to counteract mixed infections, for example, powdery mildew and septoria, rust and septoria, and so on.

As in the "Falcon" three different in the direction of the action of substances, it prevents the development of resistance to the fungicide.

Cost and analogues of "Falcon"

The average cost of a fungicide "Falcon" (with instructions for use) for cucumbers, grapes, field crops is as follows:

  • 2 ml - within 20 rubles.
  • 5-liter canister - about 12,000 rubles.

Analogues funds for today there are the following:

  • "Aviator".
  • "Horus".
  • "Soligor".
  • "Radomil".
  • "Talius."

falcon fungicide instructions for use for grapes

As for cucumbers, "Falcon" can, for various plant diseases, pick up a number of such analogues:

  • Powdery mildew: Quadris, Bayleton, Topaz, Topsin-M, Strobi, Tivit Jet.
  • Peronosporoz: Kurzat, Radomil, Kuproksat, Abiga-Peak, Previkur.
  • Bacteriosis: "Fitolavin-300", "Rovral."

Product Benefits

Reviews, instructions for the use of fungicide "Falcon" distinguish its following obvious advantages:

  • Effective fight against a number of fungal diseases: oidium, powdery meal, rust and so on.
  • Prolonged protection of landings.
  • The possibility of application throughout the vegetative period, incl. and during flowering.
  • Economical use, because the rate of consumption is minimal.
  • Refers to low-toxic agents, which does not do much harm to nature. When the dosage is observed, it does not pose a hazard to bees.
  • The possibility of accustoming fungi to the active components of Falcon is excluded. Why a remedy can, without fear, for several years to apply on the same site.
  • Allowed to use in tank mixtures.

falcon fungicide instructions for use for tomatoes

Application of the drug

Instructions for the use of fungicide "Falcon"allows its use as in small cottage areas, and on large-scale plantations, fields. To handle large areas, injectors are used, small ones - sprayers, spray guns.

Preparation of the working solution is as follows:

  • Treatment of affected plants: 10 ml of preparation per 10 liters of water.
  • Prophylaxis: 5 ml per 10 liters of water.

falcon fungicide instructions for use for roses

Apply fungicide on the day of preparation, withwindless weather and air temperature not below +12 degrees. According to the reviews of farmers and summer residents, the effect is visible after 2 hours! The product is resistant to precipitation, it is not washed off. Protective action "Falcon" - 2-4 weeks. As a rule, for complete safety of landing, it is required to process it 2 times per season. However, a single application gives a good effect.

Standard dosage of the drug

Instructions for the use of the fungicide "Falcon" forgrapes, cucumbers and other crops differ only in terms of dosage for different plant species. Consider the most common table.

Variety of plantsDiseaseMethod of useConsumption rate, g / m2Solution flow, ml / m2Time of exposureNumber of treatments

Dewy powdery,



brittle stems,


1-2-fold spraying during the end of the ear and the beginning of the formation of flowers0.0620-3040 days1-2


Spraying: before and during flowering, during fruit formation, at the stage of green berries0.0480-10040 days4
Beet of sugar varieties

Dewy powdery,



Spraying during the growing season0.05-0.0650-6021 day2

Effective in the presence of a number of diseases of cereals:

  • Winter rye: yellow, cauliflower, rust, powdery mildew, brittle stalk, fusariosis, helminthosporium.
  • Winter and spring planting of barley: brown and dwarf rust, brown and mesh, striped leaf spot, rinhosporiosis, fusariosis, septoria, brittle stalk.
  • Winter rye: septoriosis, brittle stalk, powdery mildew, fusariosis, brown rust, helminthosporium.

The drug also allows you to cope with such diseases of rose bushes as:

  • Marsoniasis (another name - black spotting).
  • Powdery mildew (including false).
  • Rust.

Thus, the dosage in the instructions for use of the fungicide "Falcon" for roses, pumpkin, grapes and other crops is different, but does not go beyond the average values ​​from the previous subtitle.

On the toxicity of the drug

For human health according to Gosstandart, the drugbelong to the 2nd class of danger, for honey insects - to the 3rd. If you observe the correct dosage, as well as safety when working with agrochemicals, then "Falcon" is absolutely harmless.

Falcon fungicide instructions for use for cucumbers

If the drug was stored at high temperatures(above +25 degrees), then it is not advisable to use it for processing plants like summer residents, or the manufacturer. Harvesting is carried out after 20 days from the date of processing.

Compatibility with other substances

Instructions for the use of fungicide "Falcon" fortomatoes, cucumbers, cereals and so on. indicates that the preparation is suitable for inclusion in the tank mix. Tolerant to the overwhelming number of fungicides, insecticides.

However, we advise you to study the compatibility of other components before preparing a tank displacement.

 falcon fungicide instructions for use review

According to the reviews of gardeners, summer residents, farmers,the use of Falcon significantly helps to increase the yield due to the high degree of plant protection from harmful diseases. Since the drug has a long shelf life (4 years) and is very economical in consumption, it suffices for a long time. It attracts this fungicide, including its versatility: it is successfully used to treat and prevent diseases of cereals, roses and dog-roses, tomatoes, sugar beets, cucumbers, grapes and many other crops.

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