/ / The drug "Urotol". Instructions for use and description

The drug "Urotol". Instructions for use and description

The drug "Urotol" instructions for usedescribes as an m-holinoblokator. The active substance is tolterodine. The drug is an antagonist (competitive) of cholinergic prescriptions, which are localized in the salivary glands and bladder. Due to this influence, contractile activity and salivation decrease. After oral intake, rapid absorption is noted, the concentration is maximal after 1-3 hours. After two days, an equilibrium state is reached. Metabolism occurs in the liver.

Means of "Urotol". Instructions for use. Appointment

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The drug is indicated for hyperreflexia (instability, hyperactivity) in the bladder, which manifests itself in the form of frequent imperative urges to urinate or urinary incontinence.


The drug "Urotol" is not recommended (instructionon the application warns about it) at a closed-angle glaucoma, not giving in to therapy, a delay of an emiction, hypersensitivity, megacolon, pregnancy. Contraindications include the period of feeding. Caution during therapy is observed with patients who have urinary tract obstruction, digestive system (obstructive type), unrecoverable hernia, and neuropathy. The medicine is not recommended for children, because of insufficient knowledge of its safety.

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Means of "Urotol". Instructions for use. Side effect

The drug may provoke anticholinergicmanifestations of moderate or mild severity, dry mouth, xerophthalmia, dyspepsia, dry skin, accommodation disorders. On the basis of treatment, nervousness, paresthesia, headache, soreness and discomfort in the chest, flatulence, constipation are noted. The medicine causes a delay in urine, impaired consciousness, allergic manifestations.

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The drug "Urotol". Instructions for use

Feedback from specialists confirms the needan individual approach to the appointment of a drug dosing regimen. Doses of the drug are selected in accordance with the tolerability, age of the patient, as well as the severity of the pathology. In the absence of other prescriptions specialist "Urotol" tablets take 2 mg twice a day. Drug is consumed regardless of food. With poor tolerance, the dosage is reduced to 2 mg once a day. On the basis of disorders of the kidney system, 1 mg twice a day is prescribed. The effectiveness of treatment is estimated after two to three months of therapy.

The drug "Urotol". Instructions for use. Additional Information

In case of an overdose, frequenturination, accompanied by soreness, a disorder of accommodation. Possible hallucinations, convulsions, breathing disorders, overexcitation, dilated pupils, tachycardia. In anticholinergic manifestations of the central type of the expressed nature, the drug "Physostigmine" is recommended, with overexcitation or convulsions - benzodiazepines and other symptomatic treatment. Before taking the drug, "Urotol" should exclude the causes of organic nature and imperative and frequent desires.

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