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Names for parrots-boys. The right choice and list

The names for parrots-boys are very diverse. In addition to the familiar and worn out Kesha, Petrusha and Chiki have many nicknames that are ideal for your pet.

names for boys parrots

Selection rules

Names for parrots-boys in the first place, byopinion of specialists, should contain whistling, snarling and hissing sounds. Such names are easily and quickly acquired by birds. They learn to respond faster to their own name, and eventually pronounce it. Also it is worthwhile to understand that long, incomprehensible names for parrots-boys will be inaccessible to the pet. They should be easy and understandable. So, for example, Garik, Roma, Rurik, Shrek, Trash are quite suitable.

Many owners go to experiments and calltheir pets not with names, but with food, things, such as Coke, Briquette, Snowball, Citrus, Dill. Such names for parrots-boys are quite original, but if they are long, then the bird will get used to them for a long time. It is best to take something more euphonious, that you can further reduce and apply diminutive nicknames. For example, Kirill would simply turn into Kiryu, and Archibald in Archi.

the name of a parrot boy
By the way, it is worth to know that the nickname, even the mostharmonious from your point of view, can not be immediately perceived by the pet. The name given to you by the boy-parrot, can be rejected by the bird itself. So, for example, my corella did not recognize any of the proposed names and stubbornly ignored any attempt to call it. But when you watch the cartoon "Housewives Kuzya" came to life. So he went on life Kuzey. Therefore, focus also on personal preferences and the nature of the parrot, choosing names for male parrots.

List of putative nicknames

The names for parrots-boys are quite the samevarious. Abrasha, Albert, Alex, Marty, Arkasha, Archie, Berik, Berkut, Borya, Buyan, Bush, Venya, Willie, Vinch, Vovka, Gavrik, Gai, Garik, Hermes, Gosha, Grinya, Grill, Grisha, Jack, Joey, Jackson, Johnny, Hedgehog, Zhorick, Jacques, Zheka, Zero, Zeus, Yorick, Kant, Karl, Klepa, Kokki, Coco, Crash, Kuzya, Kukaracha, Lelik, Lusha, Makar, Mickey, Mitya, Mikey, Sally, Nikki, Normi, Nico, Ozzie, Ollie, Oscar, Petya, the knave, Prosh, Shusha, Pushok, Pyzhik, Rurik, Ricardo, Rocky, Richie, Rubik, Ryzhik, Romka, Sema, Stepa, Tima, Tisha, Tony, Tory, Totosha, Figaro, Fima, Fidel, Flint, Funtik, Halki, Hipi, Gypsy, Caesar, Chizhik, Chick, Chip, Ch ercil and many other names can perfectly match your pet. Look closely at him, and the name will come to you at once. Calling a bird, pronounce the nickname loudly, but affectionately, looking at the parrot. If you like the name, you will see a response. It can be an easy chirping, full bird attention, playful movements and much more.

names for male parrots
Finally about how not to be mistaken

But before you choose the names forparrots-boys, determine exactly the gender. This is done simply - by the color of the wax (and simply nose) parrot. Males have a blue, blue and sometimes pink peel on it. Female - whitish, bluish-white, beige, and with age - a brown wax. Sometimes mistakes occur, and sex can not be determined due to various anomalies or age, but basically the method is very effective. In order for a bird to get used to you and its name, it is best to take pets from five to ten weeks old.

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