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Beautiful names for boys

In the life of each married couple, the main thing, of course,this is the birth of a child! The first thing that a toddler must receive from his parents is, undoubtedly, affection, love, good upbringing, understanding, well ... name. After all, it is given to a person for life, is its kind of visiting card, so young parents should very carefully and consciously approach this issue.

A beautiful name for a boy is a particularly importantcriterion. After all, he will later become a man, the head of the family, a business man, so you need to consider how he will be treated already at a respectable age.

Before the birth of a child, parents often ask themselves how to choose such a name so that it helps him throughout his life.

Some call children in honor of their close relatives, others rely on the lists on the Internet or books. Still others simply choose the most beautiful and sonorous.

But do not forget that each name carries a special energy.

Experts advise: Before you name a child, you should read the origin and description of the selected name in proven sources. After all, it will affect the character, and maybe even the destiny of a person, so do not just come from the sound: they say, if it is included in the nomination "beautiful names for boys", then you must choose it. It is important that a person who wears a name be happy and successful in life.

But why, after all, many believe that forboy beauty and sonority of how it is called, is more important than for a girl? Well, if only because later this boy will also become the father of his child, so his name should sound good in the form of a patronymic. Well, if this question is really important for the boy, let's talk about this in more detail.

Russian, traditional, often encounteredbeautiful names for boys are known to any person living in our country or Russian-speaking environment. This list includes: Alexander - that means defender, purposeful, Alexey - also a defender, diligent, Andrew - in translation means "man", Boris - "fighting for glory", successful, Vasily - "royal", always devoted to friends, however , (attention!) is addicted to alcohol, Victor is a "winner", trusting, thorough, Yaroslav, Leonid - ambitious, etc.

And here are some examples of names that came to usfrom other countries: Billy (translated as "helmet"), Adolf ("noble wolf"), Harry ("home ruler"), Gregory ("cautious, vigilant"), James ("invader"), Christian ("follower of Christ "), Peter (" rock, stone "), Tom (" twin "), Walt (the" ruler of the army "), etc.

According to statistics, the most beautiful names forboys are the following: Alexander, Alexei, Anatoly, Boris, Valery, Vasily, Victor, Vitaly, Vladimir, Denis, Dmitry, Eugene, Nikolay, Igor, Ilya, Maxim, Mikhail, Konstantin, Oleg, Pavel, Sergey, Yuri. It is their future parents who are listed in the list of candidates as the most popular.

But there is another list, which includesrare beautiful names of boys: Bratislav, Yaropolk, Wenceslas, Dobromir, Svyatopolk, Ocean, Tikhomir, Paltgart, Just. At the same time, you will agree, sometimes the singularity and uniqueness of the name can create problems for the child, especially in the preschool or school periods, lead to the development of complexes and become not the pride of its bearer, but punishment. Therefore, before you receive a birth certificate, you need to think carefully about this issue.

Many future mothers or dads in choosing to rely onon such a criterion as "internationality" or "internationality". Judging by this criterion, the most beautiful names for boys are Arthur, Arsen, Michael, David, Eric, Samvel, Stepan, Tigran, Raphael, Adrian, Robert, Edgar, Leon, Daniel, etc. Called by one of these names a child, in whatever country of the world is not, will never experience discomfort.

Try to pick up the most beautiful names of boys before the birth of your child, and then choose one of them, looking at the face of the newborn. This will be the most accurate choice!

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