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Beautiful modern male Muslim names

Modern Muslim men's names have passedlong and tortuous way of becoming. Now they represent a special mixture of Arabic, Turkish, Persian and other nicknames. Such a mixture was conditioned not only by historical processes (for example, wars or the development of new lands), but also by religious trends.

Modern male Muslim names

A sufficient part of the names was formed inpre-Islamic era, when the main borrowing came from the Arabic language. However, they became Muslim only due to the influence of the people who carried them. Further, with the adoption and wide spread of the religion of Islam, many nicknames were borrowed from the Holy Scripture. Up to the present time, the Muslim names of men are replenished with new ones, which gives parents a wide choice option for their child.

But this is a rather complicated process! There is a proverb "As a ship you will name, so it will float". With regard to this situation, we can say that choosing modern male Muslim names, one should pay great attention to their interpretation. The nickname leaves an imprint on the personality and character of the person. That is why even the most euphonious names, meaning negative quality, will either be rarely used, or even be banned.

As in many other cultures, boysit is customary to call good, good and euphonious nicknames. This is designed to protect them from bad deeds and all sorts of misfortunes, and also to give a blessing and a long life.

Men's Muslim Names List

There is a list of modernmale Muslim names, not approved by the Shariah, banned for consumption. They are determined by a number of requirements and features. We list some of them:

  • Do not give the boys nicknames associated with the surahs of the Holy Scriptures, the names of the angels.
  • None of the names of Allah can be taken.
  • Strictly forbidden are the nicknames of despots and tyrants, as well as enemies of Islam.
  • It is not recommended to give indiscreet names. For example, Hayam - "passionate in love."
  • You can not call boys nicknames with an unfavorable value. For example, meaning pity, bellicosity or insulting utterance.

Modern male Muslim names are not onlypleasant on hearing, but also favorably influence the destiny of a person. After all, a boy, and subsequently a man, is a support to his parents, heir of the family, in which life continues. Scientists even conducted studies that showed that the vast majority of Muslims carry the nicknames of their ancestors, which undoubtedly characterizes their respectful attitude to their family and traditions.

Muslim names of men

The most common male Muslim names (list and interpretation):

  • Aasim is the defender;
  • Giyas - salvation, help;
  • Damir - mind, conscience;
  • Zafir is the conqueror;
  • Ihsan is kindness, sincerity;
  • Kamal is perfect;
  • Makin is strong, sturdy, strong;
  • Ozhdib - of noble origin;
  • An omyr is a long-liver;
  • Raid is the leader;
  • Tugan is related, brother;
  • Shamil is all-embracing, all-encompassing;
  • Elmir - beautiful, famous;
  • Yalcin is majestic.
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