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We call the baby. Tatar names of boys

Tatars are a numerous people who playedin history an essential role. Together with the warlike Mongols, they conquered half the world and held in fear the second. Today, their descendants have settled around the globe, preserving their customs. One of the oldest traditions of the people is to give newborn beautiful Tatar names. Boys are usually called, so that the name reflects the inner world of a person, his character, his propensities. Sometimes it's the wishes of luck, strength, well-being, and in another case names are a defense against evil forces.

Tatar names of boys

According to their origin Tatar names of boys are divided into the following types:

  • All-Altaic, such as Altynbai, Altynchura;
  • ancient Turkic: Timerhan, Airat, Timur, Aidar;
  • Bulgarian: Tutai, Biktash;
  • Arab: Camille, Gabdulla, Muhamat;
  • Jewish: David, Raphael;
  • Western European: Albert, Alfred;
  • Persian: Azat.
    Tatar names of boys are modern

Often Tatar names of boys come fromArabic words, as they were borrowed together with Islam. Today, often the modern European name is combined with the traditional surname of the Turkic-persona-Arab origin. This is due to the fact that Western culture continues to penetrate the East, making its own adjustments to the local mentality. Previously, the traditional names of this people were created from the words of the Turkic, Persian and Arabic languages. Usually the stress is placed on the last syllable.

Tatar names of boys, as well as personal namesother peoples, were transformed with time, borrowed from neighbors, were written by folding several words with different origins. Examples may be the names of Gainutdin, Abdeljabar, Mintimer, Saijafar.

In the twentieth century, a newthe tendency is to baptize children with old names or those that came from the ancients. Old words were added with letters for better sound. Thus appeared the names of Raf, Ravil, Ram, Ramil, Rome and complex, created by merging the familiar name and ending "Ulla", "Allah". After the revolution of the seventeenth year, the names of Karl and Marseille appeared in the Tatars, but they can not be considered national. Often parents choose Tatar names of boys because of their good sounding and beautiful value. But we must take into account the fact that the meaning of not every name can be determined reliably. Sometimes creative personalities call a child a unique word, invented independently.

beautiful Tatar names of boys

Since ancient times people believed that the name is notjust a word that allows you to identify a person among others. It passed on to its possessor certain properties that were necessary for a full-fledged member of society. Therefore, the guys were called "courageous", "strong", "defender", "brave" and "hard", and the girls were given tender names of flowers and plants, stars, wished them beauty and many children.

Tatars Tatar names of boys

Tatar names of boys today are popular, asnever. After all, each people seeks to restore their roots, their identity, to return the lost connection with previous generations. And the name is just the first step to the restoration of patriotic consciousness.

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