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Addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg. Mode of operation, promotions, reviews

Today we have to learn the addresses of shops"Pyaterochka" in St. Petersburg. Also, your attention will be presented to all relevant and important information about this organization. After all, before you go to a particular store, you first need to understand how good the company is. So what to look for? What information will help you understand the integrity of the organization?


Before you learn the addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg, you need to understand what this trading network is all about. Maybe the store does not have what it takes!

addresses of stores pyaterochka in St. Petersburg

"Pyaterochka" is a retail network represented byhypermarkets / supermarkets. They have everything that can be useful for everyday life. And everyone should remember this. A worthy competitor of the popular "Victoria" or "The Seventh Continent." However, so far this trade network is not so large.


And where to find the specified organization? The thing is that the addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg are diverse. There are a lot of them. After all, the trading network is represented as large hypermarkets, and mini-markets. Finding a department store is not as difficult as it seems. Especially when it comes to the center of Peter.

It is not so difficult to find stores. Many buyers say that the offices of the organization are "scattered" throughout the city. There are a lot of them, just look.

For example, in St. Petersburg there is a store on the19a Bryantsev Street, there are also 2 branches of the organization in Kultury Square - in house 25 and house 22. You can find a store on the station square, in building 5B. Addresses are actually very many. It is best to pay attention to certain areas.

Kalininsky district

Some of the most important and popular tradingthe point still has to be described. What are the addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg? For example, in Kalininsky district. Then you can easily understand where to go, say, for food.

Shares of Pyaterochka SPb

In fact, there are a lot of branches of the organization in the Kalininsky district. This must be remembered. Find a store "Pyaterochka" you can:

  • Bryantseva, 19a;
  • Loyalty Street, 10;
  • Civic Avenue, 84 and 105;
  • Zamshina Street, 28;
  • Karpinsky Street, 38;
  • Kondratievsky prospect, 48 and 62;
  • Prospekt Kultury, 25;
  • Prospect Lunacharsky, 80 and 86;
  • Lenin Square, 8;
  • Prospect Metallistov, 77;
  • Prospectus of Science (at home: 10, 21, 44a and 28);
  • Prospekt Prosveshcheniya, 76;
  • Piskarevsky Avenue, 19 and 39.

These are the addresses of the stores "Pyaterochka"in St. Petersburg, Kalininsky district. In fact, in St. Petersburg there are many similar hypermarkets and supermarkets. The main thing to look. In other cities there are also many branches of the Pyaterochka store. But now we are talking only about Peter.

central District

What are the addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg? The thing is that many are interested in the location of this trade network in the Central district of the city. There are a lot of offices. As it has been repeatedly said, the branches of the trade network are in large numbers at almost every corner.

pyaterochka mode of operation

The most common and popular addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg in the Central District are as follows:

  • Bolshaya Porokhovskaya street, 50;
  • Voroshilov, 3, k1;
  • Prospect Pyatiletok, 8;
  • Prospect Iskrovsky, Building 7;
  • Dybenko Street, 14;
  • Ligovsky prospect, house 107;
  • Prospekt Vladimirsky, house 61;
  • Prospect Suvorovsky, 10;
  • Prospect Liteinyi, 43.

This is not all points of the organization. But they are used quite often by the population. Especially the last 4 branches. They are in the heart of Peter.

Vyborgsky District

The next area, which will interest us,- this is the Vyborg district in St. Petersburg. Addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg, as already can be seen, are diverse. There are a lot of them. Enumerate all branches can be long. Therefore, it is worth paying attention only to some branches.

addresses of stores pyaterochka in St. Petersburg

In the Vyborgsky District you can find the shops of the indicated retail network at the following addresses:

  • Second Muromsky Avenue, 10;
  • Vyborg highway, house 393;
  • Avenue of Engels, 27;
  • Prospect Tikhoretsky, house 10.

Accordingly, it is by these coordinates thatto find the outlets of Pyaterochka. The city opens more and more branches of this organization. The addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg (Vyborg district) do not end with these figures. But now, when most of the offices are known, it is necessary to get acquainted with other important information about the trading network. Which one?

About the mode

For example, with the schedule of the company. Many are interested in what time it is possible to apply to Pyaterochka for making purchases. In fact, it's not as easy to answer the question as it seems. Why?

Much depends on the specific departmentorganization. All stores have different working hours. It is necessary to clarify the information about each branch separately. You can specify it for any city where only there is "Pyaterochka". It is best to contact each branch of the organization separately. Some addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg have already been listed. You can go to the specified coordinates, and then look at the entrance to the store work schedule. Nothing difficult or special!

addresses of stores pyaterochka in St. Petersburg Kalininsky district

In general, there are several options for workorganization. Some offices are common - they close at night. And there are round-the-clock branches of "Pyaterochka". There are not so many, but they do. And in different cities.

Operating mode

Now a little more specific about how they workmany branches of the hypermarket. It has already been said that the most accurate information will have to be obtained with respect to each particular outlet. But in general, the work schedule of the organization is the same.

"Pyaterochka" mode of operation (St. Petersburg and other cities, notit is important, about what region there is a speech) offers basically the following: from 00:00 to 23:00. That is, virtually all branches of the organization are 24-hour hypermarkets and supermarkets. In any case, this is the regime that is proposed for St. Petersburg.

It is proposed to call "Pyaterochka" round-the-clocka network of hypermarkets. And it is right. The population is enough that people can always come here and buy what they need. "Pyaterochka" mode of operation (St. Petersburg, Moscow or another region - not so important) offers an extremely convenient for visitors. But at the same time, not all employees like this option of work. After all, it is necessary to work in night shifts.


From now on it is clear where it is possible to find approximately"Pyaterochka" in St. Petersburg. But on all this, as already pointed out, the addresses do not end. There are a lot of them. An equal account, like the districts in St. Petersburg. Some people are interested in the actions held in the organization. This is a very important point. After all, people are often interested in tempting offers.

The shares of Pyaterochka (St. Petersburg) offer different. The most common option is discounts and sales. Weekly for a certain product, these or other discounts apply. This campaign attracts many buyers. You can make purchases on favorable terms, without special margins and overpayments.

addresses of the Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg in the central district

Also today, the shares of Pyaterochka (St. Petersburg)offers specifically for retirees. They will offer a discount for all goods equal to 10% of the total amount of purchases in the period from October 3 to November 28 from 8 am and until 3 pm.

"Candy of kindness" is another action offered by the trading network. It is usually held on Children's Day. Lollipops are sold, the proceeds from which (a third of the income) goes to the Life Line Foundation.

Guest Reviews

It is now clear what the addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg are, and what actions are held in the store. More precise information can be specified from the employees of a particular outlet.

What do visitors say about the store? In general, nothing bad. This is the most common supermarket, which offers products and items for home and everyday life at very affordable prices. Very happy buyers weekly stock. With their help, you can save without compromising the quality of the goods.

Of course, it's also good that in the mainshops operate around the clock. You can at any time come to the store - whether it's Pyaterochka for Demyan Bedny (St. Petersburg) or for Engels, 27, buy the necessary goods and return home.

As an employer

But how to an employer from citizens in relation to"Pyaterochka" more claims. Basically, they are standard for most retailers. Employees say that it is difficult to work with a 24-hour shop operating mode, the earnings are not as high as they promise. In addition, the organization has a system of fines, which reduces the real income of employees.

addresses of five-star shops in St. Petersburg Vyborgsky district

Along with this, "Pyaterochka" offers an officialemployment, stable earnings (although not very high), a full social package. Also, there will be no need to go shopping for groceries after work for a long time. You can buy everything directly in a particular outlet.

Hence the conclusion that "Pyaterochka" is notthe worst employer. But along with this he is not the best. In general, the organization pleases customers. The addresses of Pyaterochka stores in St. Petersburg (some) are now known. You can easily go to the branch of the organization for shopping.

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