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Addresses of Kari stores in St. Petersburg: location and time of work

Kari is a network of shoe storesof international importance. Its service area covers many settlements in Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. At the moment there are about 850 retail outlets. Their number is constantly growing.

Kari Shoe Stores - Ease of choice

The assortment of "Kari" stores is formed independing on technological innovations and fashion trends. Thanks to this, collections are always relevant and subject to active demand. They are based on the following brands:

  • Alessio Nesca;
  • Pierre Cardin;
  • Marco Bocchino.

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Women's, men's and children's shoes are made ofleather and substitutes, natural and artificial textile materials, fur of various origin. The assortment is aimed at buyers of any prosperity. Finding the perfect pair, corresponding to the season, style, mood and model preferences, is very easy.

Stylish ensemble in "Kari"

Shoes and a wide range of related productsaccessories - not the only type of goods in the network. To compose an ideal image, you can pick up a purse, purse or purse, briefcase or backpack, scarf, hat and gloves, belts and umbrellas, socks and underwear, watches and jewelry. All goods are characterized by reasonable prices and high quality.

addresses of the kari stores in St. Petersburg

Kari St. Pereborga shoe map

The maps of St. Petersburg are tourist,automotive, schematic, topographic. And the network can make a shoe map. Addresses of Kari stores in St. Petersburg are about 30 outlets. And both in the city and in the suburbs.

shoe store in Moscow

What kind of shoe store does Kari have in St. Petersburg? This can be seen in the tables below.

Name of shopping centerOperating modeLocation

daily from 10 to 22 hours

Prospekt Grazhdansky, 41, letter A


pl. Commandant's, 1


Area Balkanskaya, 5

station m .: "Star", "Kupchino"

"Zanevsky Cascade-1"

Zanevsky Ave., 67/2


Zvezdnaya street, 1

station: Zvezdnaya (150 m)


Zvenigorodskaya Street, building 1, letter 2


Savushkina Street, house 116A


Prospect Stachek, 99


Marata Street, building 1/71


Savushkina Street, 141


on the 1st floor of the shopping center on Planernoy street, 59, letter A


Prospekt Bolshevikov, building with letter A No. 18


Pr-ct Enlightenment, 19

Shoe departments "Kari". Addresses of shops of St. Petersburg in the shopping center "O" kei "

Prospect Bogatyrsky, 42

station m .: "Komendantsky Prospekt"

Prospect Zanevsky, building 65/1

station m .: "Ladozhskaya"

Partizan Herman Street, Building 2


Avenue of Engels, 120

"Ohta Mall"

Dor. Brantovskaya, 3


ul. Tipanova, building 21, letter A


Prospect Kosmonavtov, 14A

subway station: "International", "Victory Park"


Fucika street, 2A

station m .: "International", "Bucharest"

The "Hay"

Sennaya square, from the central entrance along Efimov Street, 3


Prospekt Bolshevikov, building 27 letter A

TC "Moscow"


from 10 to 22 hours


from 10 to 16-15


from 10 to 22 hours

Alexander Nevsky Square, building 2

TC "Odoyevsky 31"


from 10 to 21 hours

Odoevsky street, building 31, letter A

"Trading Yard"

Prospekt Engelsa, building 138/1



from 10 to 22 hours

Prospect Bogatyrsky, building 7, letter A

Addresses of Kari stores in St. Petersburg, in particular in the suburbs
Name of shopping centerOperating modeLocation


from 10 to 21 hours

City of Kolpino in Oktyabrskaya street, 8


The city of Pushkin, on the 3rd floor of a shopping complex along Leningradskaya Street, 35



from 10 to 22 hours

City Peterhof, Prospect St. Petersburg, 60

The abundance of outlets allows choosing the most convenient addresses of Kari stores in St. Petersburg, which are the closest to the location and comfort of the transport network.

Shares of the stores "Kari"

Despite the fact that prices in the network are quite democratic, even for shoes made from natural materials, stocks do not leave retail outlets and smoothly flow one into another.

  • The most common is giving a discount to the second or third thing.
  • When you pay with a Sberbank card, you can use the "Thank You" bonuses and get a discount of up to 70%.
  • At any purchase a bonus club card is issued. It allows you to accumulate points that you can use when buying online. In this case, 1 ball is 1 ruble, but you can pay only 30% of the purchase price. If you replenish the card in cash, you will be able to use it as a MasterCard payment card. With such payment for any goods outside the Kari network, bonuses also accumulate.

kari addresses of shops in St. Petersburg

Regardless of the address of the stores "Kari" in St. Petersburg, the shares operate in the entire trading network. Consultants will always provide all information on the current discounts and products that participate in promotions.

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