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Production management is an effective tool for enterprise management

Management can be referred to concepts,which are familiar to most from childhood. In the last century, science has received its life, the study of which is aimed at general managerial principles regardless of the place of management and attitude to the objects of research. This scientific direction was called "cybernetics". A significant contribution to its development was made by the American scientist Norbert Wiener, who is called some "father of cybernetics".

production management is

Enterprise Management System

Production management is part ofcybernetics, which explores and studies management processes at the microeconomic level. As in any scientific direction, here there are subjects and objects of government. The heads of the enterprise and various management bodies act as subjects. The objects themselves are business entities, workers or labor collectives, natural resources, as well as information and scientific and technical potential.

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Definition of concept

Production management is a systemmanagement impacts presented in the form of laws, plans, decrees, programs, regulations, regulations, instructions and financial levers. An important center in this area of ​​management is the enterprise that produces goods in the process of its core business. And this is the main goal and the task of its functioning.

Production management is an instrumentmanagement of the production process, regardless of the type of finished product (be it goods, services, information or simply knowledge). To create any economic product, you need to use various resources in the form of labor, equipment, raw materials, materials, information and money. That is why only the report on production management shows the effectiveness of their use, as well as the effectiveness of management of employees and technological capacities. Thus, all of the above is the subject of the concept under consideration.

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In other words, production management -is a system of methods and forms of management of the business entity, aimed at obtaining optimal results in its commercial, financial and production activities. Each subject has its own management technology. However, there is also some logic of the interaction of certain functions, which is due to the logically constructed sequence of the entire leadership process.

Organizational structure

Production management in the enterpriseis based on four stages of its implementation. The first stage - the goal is to create and operate the object, certain quantitative characteristics are determined. The second stage is responsible for organizing the necessary conditions for the functioning of the facility. The third stage involves keeping records and monitoring the state of the facility from the perspective of obtaining such results, which will allow us to assess the level of achievement of the set goals. At the fourth stage, the deviations that arise in the process of implementing such goals are regulated, and some incentives are expressed, expressed in encouraging employees to improve their performance.

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