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Production management as a system.

In the process of managing a large enterprisethe importance is also of production management, and innovative, and supply-household, and organization of records management, and personal management. All of them are aimed at solving various tasks in solving various problems related to management. But in this article I would like to consider specifically what is industrial management as a system.

One of the leading types of entrepreneurship isproduction activities that cover the production of various goods, as well as providing all kinds of production services (agricultural, repair, construction, communications, transportation). In the labor market, there is currently a growing demand for managers who have good knowledge in the field of production management.

Production management is aan integrated system for ensuring the maximum competitiveness of goods, which is produced by a specific production, in a competitive market. This system includes the issues of building organizational and production structures, choosing an effective organizational and legal form of management, branded services and marketing of goods based on previous stages of the life cycle of production.

Production management unites aroundyourself or yourself in virtually all types of management. The accuracy of forecasts of various strategic trends of ideology, society, information and production technologies, production organization, forms of integration, innovation policy largely determines its effectiveness.

Production management as a system includesin itself some elements. These include: the production structure and structure of the management system, the organization of the main, servicing production, planning and forecasting the activities of the entire organization, the organization of preparations for the production of new products, and the implementation of all marketing strategies.

Production management is alsofunction. These include planning, strategic management, organization of processes, motivation, accounting and control, regulation. In the event that all these functions are combined into an integrated system, then in the center there will be a coordination function, which in turn is connected to each of the functions separately.

Production management has its own methods: economic, administrative, network, balance, socio-psychological. They are implemented only in accordance with specific principles. These include the principle of scientific, consistency, purposefulness, the optimal combination of centralized regulation of the system, governed by its self-regulation, the recording of the personal characteristics of employees, and social psychology, the principle of ensuring the compliance of the responsibilities, rights and responsibilities of numerous management participants in the process of achieving all production goals, the principle of ensuring the competitiveness of all management personnel.

The objects of industrial management are not thatother than production systems and production in general. It is important to understand that production is an activity aimed at creating something that can be called useful: services, materials, products, products. A production system is a set of workers, objects and tools, and other elements that are necessary for the functioning of the system in the process of creating services and products.

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