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Fruit diet for weight loss

The basis of this diet are fruits, forthe exception of grapes and bananas, which will have to be excluded. With this diet you can throw about 6 extra pounds of weight. And it is not necessary to starve or eat foods strictly in a certain amount. After all, with the help of a fruit diet, you can eat fruits in any quantity. But it is also not recommended to overeat. Fruit diet for weight loss helps to cleanse the stomach. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the use of water - it is recommended to take a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning and drink as much liquid as possible in the evening, namely after 18-00.

Fruit diet for weight loss is veryuseful, tasty and contains a lot of vitamins, which are so necessary for the life of our body. It is recommended to carry out such a diet in the summer, when it is possible to use local (rather than exotic) fruits. Despite the fact that these products are low-calorie, you will not feel hungry at all. Fruit diet for 3 days is done periodically, the effect you can notice after the first application.

There are also many varieties of fruit diets, which are in conjunction with other foods. About several of them further.

Fruit and vegetable diet

Most fruits contain low glycemicindex, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Fruits are recommended to combine with food rich in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In this case, a fruit diet for weight loss with vegetables should include legumes, mushrooms, seafood, eggs, fish, as well as low-fat dairy products. You can also eat nuts or seeds in small quantities.

Very useful fruit and vegetable diet for treatmentobesity, as well as hypertensive diseases. Thus it is necessary to divide the food intake by 6 times, which in general will not exceed 1.8 kg. The diet consists of the following products: carrots, cucumbers, apples, tomatoes, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Dried fruits and nuts can be consumed no more than 30 grams per day, potatoes and bananas - 200 grams.

As for salt, you can not use more1 teaspoon per day, while vegetables can be eaten raw. Vegetable oil is allowed 1 tablespoon per day. You can also add one egg, a portion of lean fish, as well as one glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir to the day's ration. You can consume freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits, which are recommended to dilute by one third with water.

Fruit diet for weight loss with usevegetables will help to cleanse the body of accumulated excess calories and improve overall health. But still, such a diet is not recommended for a long time. Since some substances necessary for the body are absent in it.

Fruit-protein diet

Such a diet is quite effective in acutethe need for weight loss. Your body is able to easily transfer it without experiencing a feeling of hunger. Fruit-protein diet is gentle. Observe it follows about 10 days, for which you can lose about 7 kg of excess weight.

It should be remembered that such a diet iscomplete elimination of the diet of fats and carbohydrates. In this case, 10 days will have to eat only fruits, vegetables and protein products. It will be necessary to refrain from sauces, and also to limit oneself in the use of salt.

Protein-fruit diet for weight loss requiresseparate use of each of the components. Namely, fruits should be eaten separately from vegetables, and vegetables, in turn, separately from protein foods. It is necessary to drink as much water as possible.

You should give up carbonated water, lemonade, juices, beer and other alcoholic beverages. It is best to eat green or black tea, as well as ordinary drinking water.

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